In the Pre-Anthos era, An organization used to find its applications divided into multiple services spread across Hybrid and Multiple CSP’s (Multi-Cloud). This led to multiple challenges where each cloud offered different monitoring capabilities to manage its applications, different resource hierarchy structures, different security tools and eventually the organizations required multiple resources with diverse skill sets to manage this spread. Part of the solution to this problem was building and managing Containers so that the application is agnostic of the platform they are in and they can be migrated when desired. But enterprises still felt a need to have to single window to manage all these displaced workloads with their configurations and policies driven from a single source of truth.

Adducing the legendary tech pledge of “write once, run anywhere,” Google Cloud has recently launched Anthos, an open-source technology primarily based on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which is capable of managing containers service running on a hybrid cloud.

Anthos empowers you to develop, manage, and deploy containerized applications on the multi-cloud and lets you manage everything from a single control panel. Earlier, building multi-cloud platforms needed significant custom development i.e each Cloud needed its network implementation, security implementation, monitoring implementation, etc. and thus different resources were needed for each cloud. While in Anthos, a single configuration is applied in the single repo and applied/synced across all environments. Overall, Anthos empowers your architectural approach, so that you can enable innovation and advancement without compromising your security or dealing with complexity.

Building Blocks of Anthos

Anthos is not just a single product; instead, it’s an umbrella brand that covers multiple services like, application modernization, cloud migration, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud management, thus making it significantly different from any other cloud services.

Anthos is built on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) that serves as the principal control and command center for this service. However, Kubernetes is not the only tool at action here. Many other significant constituents enhance the performance and power of Anthos.

Anthos Components

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): The foundation of Anthos is GKE, which is a powerful cluster manager and orchestration system to run in GCP.
  •  GKE On-Premise: This lets you enjoy the benefits of Kubernetes and cloud technology in your own data center, while everything is managed from Google Cloud Console.
  •  Istio: The Istio service mesh is used to connect, monitor and secure the microservices.
  •  Velostrata: This first-ever P2K (material to Kubernetes) migration tool, acquired by Google, enables one-step migration from on-premise VMware to GKE.
  • Anthos Configuration Management: It automates configuration management starting from the deployment, passwords to different clusters, to network policies configuration settings all across a hybrid Kubernetes deployment.
  • Stackdriver: It adds visibility by performing centralized monitoring, logging, and tracing for services and containers.
  •  GCP Cloud Interconnect: It delivers high-speed low-latency connectivity amongst the enterprise data center and Google Cloud.
  • GCP Marketplace: Developers will be capable to deploy applications from a collection of ISV and open source applications that are compatible with Kubernetes and are curated by Google.

How Anthos Will be Beneficial for You?

  1. Anthos offers a future proof technology which helps you bind your existing on-premises investments with service-oriented Clouds Platforms and thus helping enterprises to innovate and serve customer everywhere, every time.
  2. You can experience streamlined operations, with a single view and insights across your environments, in Hybrid, Multicloud or across both, removing the complexity to maintain a secure and stable environment.
  3. The process of managing your deployment configurations, policy and security at scale is automated so that you get a consistent environment to innovate which does not add any overhead challenges when new clusters are added.
  4. Service Mesh in Anthos enables it to modernize applications by providing greater observability, security and easier deployment strategies, improving your business agility and helping you to release products faster to market with maximum resource utilization.

How Niveus Can Help You Using Anthos

Are you planning to migrate to the cloud but are hindered by major existing investments in on-prem hardware and applications? Or, do you have legacy applications that cannot be credibly rewritten? That’s where we step in! We enable your enterprise to containerize all applications and run them anywhere, empowering them to benefit from cloud technology using Anthos.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, a service provider or a system integrator, Niveus can help your business to grow significantly in terms of flexibility, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and let you run your applications securely from anywhere with this hybrid multi-cloud offering from Google. We can transform your enterprise data environments by simplifying the management of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, driving innovation and efficiency, diminishing costs, and enabling stronger security and compliance using Anthos.

Did Anthos grab your attention? Contact us to discuss how we can help you to enhance your IT operations using Anthos.


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