Digital Banking Facility

Digital Transformation Enabling Remote Banking Using Google Cloud Platform for One of the Leading Banks of India


About Customer

Our client is a leading Indian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services for corporate and retail customers






Online Customer Onboarding and Instant Account Opening


Total Users

25 Lakh +


The legacy account opening process requires customers to either fill the online form and submit the documents for KYC in the branch for verification. Or, they can walk into the bank, fill the form and submit documents for verification. This involves manual processes and verifications resulting in a longer waiting time till the account is opened, funded and ready for transactions, which typically takes 3-4 days.

In the modern digital era, this bank wanted to develop a modern online platform that would showcase all their customer products on a single online platform and redefine the way their customers are onboarded. This online cloud-based platform has helped the bank to eliminate huge capital expenditure (capex) investments that would have been otherwise needed to run and maintain expensive on-prem infrastructure.

The customer journey includes several phases like product selection, basic information collection, PAN validation, KYC and more, if all these processes could be made online, the need to visit the branch for verification could be eliminated, and the whole process can be completed much faster.

Niveus and Google Cloud partnered with the customer to develop an application on the cloud which has to be integrated with the API Gateway ( On-prem APIs of the bank ) in a secure manner and fulfill customer needs to select from a wide range of their products.


Key Highlights of the Implementation

  • Complex integrations with the APIs of Core Banking, NSDL, etc, with all the QA checks in a very short time span
  • First Cloud-based application, which is integrated with the Core Banking APIs
  • Information standardization due to the presence of multiple integration points
  • Meeting the security compliance of the bank with features such as Hybrid Encryption, OWASP, Identity, and Access management
  • End-to-end data encryption and at rest
  • Secured backend-integration with the bank’s core banking APIs
  • Integration with the Payment Gateway – EazyPay.

The Solution

A Progressive Web Application or a hybrid application has been built on Google Cloud Platform which integrates securely with the on-premises Core Banking APIs which are exposed securely via API Gateway.

With the introduction of this new PWA platform, a one-stop solution has been created for all the banking needs of their customers.

Customers can open Instant Savings and Fixed Deposit accounts in a matter of minutes by entering minimum information along with PAN and Aadhar details on their android and iOS smartphones, tablets or laptops.

This is followed by the verification of Aadhar Number and PAN with APIs, which would validate the linked mobile number, address and other details of the customers.

After all necessary details are provided and the KYC is generated, an application form is generated, which can be electronically signed with ESign. Immediately after that, the account number gets generated and customers can enjoy all banking functionalities and can start transacting immediately.

This microservice-based hybrid platform will help the bank to roll out their subsequent products like credit card, travel card, loan account, etc. much faster and the bank will be engineering 50 new products in the next 1-year time frame.

Technology Stack

  • SQLite Database
  • Cloud FireStore, Cloud Memory Store
  • GCS
  • GCR
  • Docker and Kubernetes( GKE)
  • StackDriver
  • CloudBuild, JUnit, SonarQube
  • Private VPC
  • FireWall Rules
  • Image Security Scanning
  • Binary Authorization
  • Security Policies
  • Cloud Armor
  • Cloud Identity
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