One-stop App to Apply & Track Home Loans

Building a Hybrid-Cloud Online Platform Using Google Cloud for One of the Largest Housing Finance Mortgage Loan Companies in India


About Customer

Our client is one of the largest Housing Finance Companies in India with a key objective of providing long term finance to individuals for the purchase or construction of house/flat for residential purposes in India. With a dynamic portfolio, the company is amongst the pioneers in India ensuring access to housing finance for home ownership.






Applying & Tracking Loan Application


Total Downloads

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The legacy process of Retail and Corporate Loan Application is cumbersome and time-consuming. Either the customer could walk into the branches and fill the forms and submit the documents or the Agents can do this on behalf of the Customers. 

Our customer was looking at an easy to use and maintain, online platform, where the customers could log in to the mobile app and apply for a loan by filling in the mandatory details and uploading the relevant documents. We partnered with the organization to build their new home loan app in order to accelerate their digital transformation strategy.

The app should validate the users via Mobile OTP, update the details with OCR of the documents, calculate the eligibility of the applicant, and issue a pre-loan certificate and application tracking number to the user.

This platform would also serve as a one-stop application for servicing the customers with options to update information, download the TDS and Repayment Certificates, track the status of their loan applications, calculate the EMI and even make the payment of charges and fees.

Security of the data, both resting and moving, is of top-most importance, as this would involve a lot of customer sensitive information.

Also, there should be a chatbot to help the users with the required information and the platform should auto-scale to cater to the increasing traffic/load.


Key Highlights of the Implementation

  • Developing a Hybrid – Cloud Mobile application and hosting on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Mobile number validation via OTP
  • OCR integration for the uploaded documents
  • EMI and Loan eligibility calculators
  • Dialogflow Integration for Chatbot assistance
  • Tracking of application status and Downloading the pre-loan certificate
  • Agent Login flow for agents to apply for loans and track the applications of their customers 
  • Customer Login Portal for existing clients to log in and securely download the eSigned TDS, Repayment Certificate
  • Payment Gateway Integration 
  • Multilingual Support

The Solution

A Hybrid – Cloud Mobile application has been developed and hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and the customer and agents can download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

GCP has enabled us to build highly responsive experiences for users, which are backed by powerful computing resources remotely. Google’s private fiber network spanning the globe with over 100 points of presence across many countries, empowers the app with unmatched speed while the app data reaches users with very low latency.

The application doesn’t need versioning, making it trouble-free like updating a web page, that too in real-time. This level of flexibility has further enabled the scalability requirements of the company.

The application has options for both the customers and the agents to register by just using their mobile number, which will generate an OTP. With the help of this, the users can log in securely with user id and password and apply for a loan, filling the mandatory fields and uploading the documents leveraging the OCR integration.

An integrated Loan Eligibility and EMI Calculator has been built to assist users to understand their eligibility depending on their income and repayment capacity, and also to give a clear understanding of the amount that needs to be paid towards the EMIs.

Based on the details provided to calculate the Loan Eligibility, a pre-loan certificate is issued showcasing the amount of loan that the user can get and the EMI for that particular amount. Users can download this pre-loan certificate.

Dialogflow has been integrated for Chatbot assistance to support and scale the housing finance team in their relations with customers.

Users can track their Application Status to check their Home Loan journey starting from login to sanction stage.

The app has a separate flow for the agents. Starting from login to applying for loans on behalf of their customers to track the application status, it covers all.

A separate Customer Login Portal has also been made for the existing clients to log in and securely download the eSigned TDS, and Repayment Certificates.

Payment Gateway is integrated for making online payment of charges and fees. Also, the application has multilingual support for Hindi.

Technology Stack

  • React Native for Android and IOS Back End
  • Java Spring Boot
  • SQLite Database, firestore
  • Cloud FireStore
  • Cloud SQL (Postgres)
  • Firebase storage
  • Jenkins
  • Private VPC
  • FireWall Rules
  • Binary Authorization
  • Security Policies
  • Cloud Armor
  • VPN
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