Real-Time Vehicle Tracking For A Public Transportation Service

Case Study


The Client

The client is a state public transport service provider, serving a metropolitan area. It offers 2,142 buses on 371 routes throughout the metropolitan region, and their aim is to leverage new technology to simplify commuting across the region.

Project Objective – Customer Segmentation Solution

Business ValueNiveus helped the client in resolving real-time vehicle tracking that assisted passengers by providing information such as bus location, ETA and other useful insights.

 The client has various vendors who provide systems for their buses, which are capable of collecting and sending real-time data for analytics. Niveus partnered with Google Cloud & assisted the client to move to a globally accepted specification GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) for publishing the transit information, and use the available data on different performance aspects of their fleet, to provide insights for their management team.


Business Solution

  • Published the data to Google Maps’ Live Transit Updates service to allow commuters to track buses in real-time on Google Maps
  • Used this data in a management information system for generating reports
  • Used Google AI/ML capabilities to optimize customer operations and planning processes
  • Extended the system to include coverage of e-cabs


  • Cloud Run functions are exposed as HTTP endpoints with a POST request accepting JSON as the content type
  • The module converts the JSON to parquet format for easy storage and retrieval for future analytical purposes using cloud storage
  • Cloud Pub/Sub based messaging service is used to separate the ingestion and processing layer, provides for asynchronous and real-time passing of feed data between the two layers
  • Cloud BigTable for storing data from high throughput transactions
  • Data that is fed in BigTable is also sent into BigQuery for analytics & reporting.
  • A minimum of four hours delay is expected between the event and report availability. So Data Studio is leveraged to reduce such circumstances.

Technology Stack

Cloud Storage
Cloud Bigtable
Cloud Run
Google Maps
Data Studio
Cloud Pub/Sub
Cloud Dataflow

Real-time Vehicle tracking solution using Google Cloud

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