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Niveus Leverages GCP in Building A Microservices-based, AI Enabled Virtual Care App for our healthcare client, USA


About Customer

This client enables virtual care through health information technology, workflow engineering, and physician services to transform the landscape of care delivery. They provides professional services from first-rate, fully-credentialed, and licensed, board-certified specialist physicians motivated by improving access to quality care—particularly for safety-net patients—through initiatives including eConsult.






AI-enabled virtual care app for smartphones


Total Users

1M +


During this difficult time, when the people around the globe are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire population is moving towards digital healthcare or virtual care. According to a research by NYU Grossman School of Medicine, a significant growth in the virtual visits during this pandemic may possibly change the way of care in the United States going forward. The virtual care approach has empowered the healthcare providers to provide outstanding care during the period of pandemic, while conserving resources and decreasing the exposure of both staff and patients.

To make virtual healthcare easily accessible, our client partnered with Niveus in building app, an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled virtual care app for smartphones that actually puts access to care in the hands of the users.


Key Highlights of the Implementation

  • Auto assigning of doctors based on their availability at any particular time according to their specialties
  • Chat sessions with options to chat with Afya or doctors
  • Search and sort features in chat to search dynamically by any words in the chats, by person, date. Filter by unanswered, unread, live and close codes. Sort by unanswered oldest first for the providers and sort by unread oldest first for consumers
  • Feature to take pictures, upload pictures from Gallery and upload documents
  • Feature to record audio & send
  • Video call feature for consumer to doctor
  • Option to record video call for consumer to doctor and provider to provider
  • Option to record video (store and forward) and send to doctor
  • Integration of various payment modalities

The Solution

Afya Global is a secure, AI-driven technological platform hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that supports text-based chat, audio-video calls and digital file sharing for clinical documentation. Niveus has leveraged the Google Cloud Platform to develop this AI-enabled mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms allowing users to quickly, correctly, efficiently, and conveniently diagnose most medical conditions and access appropriate care. A key part of the Afya approach is to help the healthcare providers improve the effectiveness of patient care and save their time specifically by addressing hurdles to care. 

The AI technology and approach used has been developed using inputs from multiple medical specialists from almost all specialties to include more health conditions. The advanced AI technology directs consumers to specialists within their health plans. The technology supports doctors to support the consumers to figure out if they need to visit the doctor, urgent care, an emergency room, or any specialist. 

Patients can create their profile, connect to doctors based on their availability and health needs within their health plans, chat with the doctors, record and send audio messages, have live video calls or can record videos and upload so that the doctors can assess and diagnose, and can make payments digitally.

Powered by GCP, Afya provides an end-to-end solution to match its performance needs and offer a roadmap for future innovation. The technology combines patient data with analytics to an extraordinary extent to improve the quality of care delivered and the services offered to the patients while maintaining the highest quality data security standards. Based on search by patients, available doctors are automatically assigned at any particular time according to their specialties.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster anchors a multi-dimensional containerization solution to deliver highest performance and simpler container management for Afya. Cloud Scheduler helps to schedule most of the jobs and automate everything, including retries in case of failure to decreasing manual jobs and intervention. Cloud Functions helps the app to scale up or down, so that it pays only for compute resources that are being used. 

Istio’s dynamic features enable Afya to efficiently and successfully run its microservices-based architecture, and offer a uniform method to secure, connect, and monitor microservices. Moreover, the mTLS (mutual Transport Layer Security) in Istio, locks down the microservices, making them literally impregnable. 

Stackdriver provides a comprehensive back-end visibility. The app has been developed on Firebase, thereby taking care of things like databases, authentication, configuration, analytics, file storage, push messaging, and much more. 

The technology of Afya meets the highest industry standards and is HIPAA compliant and it observes the highest security protocols when it comes to the customer data security and highly sensitive patient records. 

GCP imparts agility and scalability while saving a lot of capital expenditure by cutting down the need to over-provision the platform yet providing the best support during increasing customer demands. It also removes the cost of hiring a dedicated resource  to maintain hardware.

Automating the healthcare process with AI, empowers Afya to scale the delivery of care and optimize the healthcare strategy. The virtual care results in an increase in efficiency for the healthcare professionals where they can effectively handle more number of patients compared to physical care and can respond faster to the particular needs of people.

Technology Stack

  • Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Istio
  • Persistent Disk
  • Android/iOS native
  • NodeJs
  • PostgresDB
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