An Advanced Android App

Niveus Builds a Microservice-based Containerized Modern Integration System and an Android App for our USA client.


About Customer

This Client provides innovative technology, solutions, and services for healthcare. Based in Redlands, California, the company is growing rapidly with a steady list of new clients and projects. The highly talented and knowledgeable client team is experienced in project management, virtual care (telehealth), EHR implementation services, workflow engineering, and more. client is committed to improving healthcare access and quality to all.






Microservice-based Containerized Modern Integration System & Android App


Total Users

1M +


Client provides Advanced Artificial Intelligence (A2I), workflow engineering, science, and virtual care strategies to improve, innovate, and transform how care is provided, accessed, and delivered.

With this objective, they wanted us to build an android app that will act as:

  • A one-stop destination for all the medical certifications and licenses.
  • A reminder, which keeps track of the expiration dates of the stored certificates and reminds the expiration dates as they approach.

The Solution

We have built MyCert, an android application for the nurses with the following features:

Building a Microservice-based Containerized modern integration system.

An Android App for the nurses that will act as a smart medical certification manager, which will let the users compile, manage, and track all the nursing certifications and licenses on the go, or from anywhere providing easy, safe, and fast one-touch access.

Fast and efficient deployment of new features.

Bring together all the nursing licenses and certifications under one roof.

Feature to take pictures and upload pictures of the documents.

Option to record the expiration dates and save them with ease.

Feature to select when the user wants to be prompted about the upcoming license expiration dates.

Impacts of the New Solution

  • Moving to microservice-based architecture using Kubernetes gave our client their desired scalability, where they can scale components independently.
  • A cost-efficient solution that is easy to use.
  • Easy integration and automatic deployment.
  • With MyCert users can take pictures, upload and store all their nursing licenses and certifications under one roof with the option to record the expiration dates and save them with ease.

Technology Stack

  • Nodejs
  • mongodb
  • GCP
  • Kubernates
  • Cloud Storage
  • GKE
  • Google cloud shell
  • Jenkins
  • Cloud Scheduler
  • Flutter app
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