Migrating Application from on-prem to GKE

How We Migrated Highly Scalable WordPress Application from On-prem to Google Cloud (GKE) for one of the largest Indian Media and Entertainment


About Customer

One of the largest Indian media and entertainment group with 50 Indian channels and 13 international channels, besides digital content and magazines.






WordPress Application from On-prem to Google Cloud


Total Users

25 Lakh +


Migration of Local Mysql (Multi-Master / Slave to CloudSql) without Downtime NFS for the shared content of WordPress accessed from Kubernetes Containerization and Optimization of Frontend Application and WordPress Migration and updating other components like Solr, Redis


The Solution

We have suggested and migrated their on-prem application to Google Cloud on the Kubernetes Environment. We developed a cloud plan, listed all the challenges and problems that we faced and with the help of our professionals were able to build a Highly Scalable and Secure Kubernetes Application on the Google Cloud.

Key Benifits

The Migrated Application leveraged Kubernetes to make it highly scalable allowing more
than 4000 concurrent users.

  •  Used Istio/Stackdriver for the use of advanced monitoring and alerting to improve MTTD and MTTR
  • Future migration process has become extremely easy and fast
  • The new feature release cycle is significantly improved allowing more than 50 releases
    per day.
  • Rollback becomes extremely easy
  • Automated deployments with the help of Cloud Builds

Technology Stack

  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Smarty
  • PHP
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