Solving For Application Modernization

Niveus has driven best-in-class GCP Application Modernization solutions for our vast and diverse clientele ranging from BFSI, Healthcare, Automotive to Media and Entertainment, Digital Native, Public Sector industries among many others. Our exceptional Google Cloud application modernization solutions have helped our clients to navigate better towards unprecedented business transformation and growth.




Faster feature releases along tight budgets and stringent timelines

We live in an era where everything is getting digitized at an aggressive rate and companies need to catch up with this speed. One of the ways to achieve this is through Application Modernization, the process of updating legacy applications to modern solutions. A collaboration with us can help businesses activate faster feature releases under stringent timelines and affordable budgets. We dictate a successful Application Modernization journey for our customers through a well-strategized roadmap, facilitating VM migration, anthos for multi cloud setup, microservices and containerization for faster release cycles and help enterprises to unlock dynamic growth.

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Modular Applications
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As the needs of an organization are rapidly evolving, businesses are also quickly adapting contemporary solutions to be at par with the competitors. Legacy applications come with limitations, while modernizing those offers greater functionality. With modernization comes a number of benefits that are vital for every enterprise and helps them to achieve a competitive edge. Application Modernization is not only important to keep up the present, but it is also a leap into the future.

The Benefits

Application Modernization opens the door to many benefits. Here are some of the major ones:

With cybersecurity becoming a top priority for all businesses, having a foolproof security system in place is a must. Modernization enables you to take full use of the most up-to-date security technology and solutions to protect your company to the best extent possible.

Legacy applications are a source of productivity and efficiency bottlenecks. This could be resolved through modernization, simultaneously helping with increased operational efficiency and employee productivity. In addition, modernisation provides for improved and quicker system performance making processes simpler to work with, for employees.

Modernization of applications makes way for increased agility, business transformation, and ROI. The shortcomings of the legacy systems cause employees to spend a lot of time dealing with the issues jeopardising a company’s agility and growth.

In many instances, legacy apps hamper overall TAT becoming the primary cause for losing customers. Modernization solves this challenge.

Legacy or monolithic applications are complicated to update & scale and demand higher cost and investments. Even the maintenance of legacy applications command additional efforts and cost. Application Modernization is a cost-effective and better alternative.

Why Choose Google Cloud For Your Application Modernization Journey?

Google Cloud’s infrastructure is built to serve billions of users across the world on a daily basis.

Google Cloud Promises:


Data Cloud


People Cloud


Open Cloud


Security Cloud

Customers can avail these infrastructure to utilize the reliability and availability that it provides. Customers prefer open source platforms for modernization to avoid lock-ins. Due to this Kuberenetes, a project to which Google has been a leading contributor, has become the most preferred platform for application modernization. Customers can also utilize maximum flexibility with Google Cloud’s Anthos, which gives the power to build and manage applications anywhere, be it on-premise, GCP or any other cloud platform. With this, customers can customize their modernization process in a hybrid/multi cloud setup. Google Cloud also provides tools that can be used in both on-prem and cloud environments. Using Anthos as your Application Modernization platform has shown to provide an ROI up to 4.8x. Google Cloud helps enterprises to achieve successful and industry-best Application Modernization through its industry-leading security solutions.

Application Modernization With GCP & Niveus

Niveus is committed to solving successful Application Modernization journeys for our customers. We help businesses to modernize their legacy applications through re-architecting, re-hosting or deploying new, future-proof cloud native applications offering more scalability and agility.

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Strategies To Approach Application Modernization

There are many paths that enterprises can take to modernize their applications based on organization’s modernization goals and maturity. Some of the approaches for application modernization are:

This approach deals with re-deployment and execution of the application on a different physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure without making stark changes to the functionality, code and features. This approach is used to move from on-prem to cloud

This approach takes into consideration the concept of rip-and-replace, which usually involves replacement facilitated through a different component or package with similar functionality. In this approach cloud native services are used instead of monolith COTS services

Rebuilding or rewriting the application from scratch, while maintaining its scope and specifications; breaking monoliths to microservice

This approach looks at alteration of the application code, so as to be able to perform on a new application architecture while utilizing the latest and enhanced capabilities of the same.

This approach delves into restructuring and optimizing the current code without changing external functionalities. The enhancement of the component’s features and structure can be achieved through this.

Google Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid and multi cloud solutions through which enterprises can build, deploy and optimize applications anywhere
  • DevOps Solutions
  • Cloud-native application development
  • With Google Cloud’s serverless compute platform enterprises can deploy, scale and develop applications in a totally managed serverless environment.
  • Mainframe applications modernization with GKE
  • Google Cloud’s API management platform for API needs
  • Top application migration products and tools

Niveus Services

Containerization of Application using Kubernetes: By building highly available and scalable Kubernetes clusters to manage, scale and orchestrate applications, Niveus helps organizations with containerization of applications. Database migration without disruption and downtime: Seamless migration from any environment to cloud without any disruption of services and with zero downtime. Building cloud-native applications, Serverless solutions: Niveus helps enterprises to build, deploy and operate highly-flexible cloud-based, serverless apps on an end-to-end platform. CI/CD, Canary deployment, automation of application testing and deployment process by developing and integrating CI/CD Pipelines using the DevOps principles.


Our Success Stories

Our end-to-end digital account opening process, leveraging application modernization solutions, enabled the leading Indian Bank to provide remote banking for millions of customers across India. This solution exponentially reduced TAT for customer onboarding; about 5 minutes. Since the platform got implemented, the bank has witnessed a 10X boost in online banking numbers