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Niveus has showcased proven expertise in Data Modernization Services such as Data Warehouse Modernization, Database Modernization and Database Management Services for top organizations across sectors such as BFSI, Digital Native, Media and Entertainment, Automotive, Healthcare, Public Sector and many more. Our GCP-certified data engineers leverage cutting-edge AI-Ml based solutions to modernize business data, transforming them into strategic assets.


Data Modernization

Data modernization is the process of moving data from legacy databases or data warehouses to modern, cloud-based ones, to embrace modern data methods to fully leverage the advantages of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML), and hence actualize the true potential of their data and turn it into an irreplaceable asset. Data modernization eliminates the complexities that surround traditional systems and makes business more agile, secure, flexible and efficient.

The Benefits

Insights provided by AI and ML help to drive business towards greater growth and success. Real-time and predictive insights help to understand the customer needs better. With real-time insights, businesses can understand the market needs and respond to them more quickly and effectively.

With ML and AI comes the greater capacity to create new, better and efficient business models. This provides a competitive advantage for a business over others. With access to more robust technologies and products, businesses can experience greater productivity and agility.

Data Modernization provides enhanced security options that are otherwise unavailable in legacy systems.

One of the primary benefits that comes with moving data from physical to digital means is cost-savings. Modernization also helps to streamline operations better due to its scalability, flexibility, resulting directly in cost-cutting.

Google Cloud Data Modernization Services


With Google Cloud, businesses can modernize underlying operational databases, thus making applications more reliable, secure and scalable. They become much easier to manage when compared to traditional ones. Google Cloud also provides many fully managed solutions that businesses can utilize to simplify the complexity around data management. With management completely taken care of, businesses can solely focus on innovation and newer opportunities.


Leverage Google Cloud’s data warehouse modernization solutions to seamlessly scale your business. With Google Cloud’s solutions, products and services businesses can successfully meet today’s analytics demands and accelerate their time to insights.


  • Firestore: A serverless document database to develop applications. Has real-time sync for mobile and web apps.

  • Cloud Spanner: Fully managed relational database possessing unlimited scaling capacity. Has 99.999% availability and powerful consistency.

  • Cloud Bigtable: A fully managed NoSQL database service offering incredible scalability, simple administration and cluster resizing with zero downtime. Supports large workloads with low latency and high-throughput.

  • Datastream: Serverless change data capture (CDC) and replication service.

  • Database Migration Service: Serverless, easy-to-use service to move databases to Cloud SQL


Data Modernization
With Niveus

Top organizations across various sectors have partnered with Niveus to leverage our top-notch data modernization solutions. We have enabled businesses to establish best data architecture and improve processing throughput. Security is always our primary priority and we safely manage data on the cloud while leveraging the best cloud security practices. With our solutions, we facilitate businesses to fully utilize the magnanimous potential of data and become an analytics-driven organization.


Niveus Services

Re-engineering & Modernizing ETL process: Niveus is an expert in  re-engineering and modernizing ETL process.  We help businesses in forming their data movements and integrations, through which they can access greater output, transparency and scalability.

Building advanced data lake: Niveus’ specialization in building advanced data lake helps businesses to effectively utilize all their data to gather and analyze it to procure useful insights.

Machine Learning, Business Analytics and Intelligence: Harness the comprehensive Machine Learning, Business Analytics and Intelligence Solutions provided by Niveus to power AI workloads at scale.

Migration of Big Data to Cloud: We at Niveus, help you move your data from anywhere to Big Data Infrastructure. We help you establish integrated analytics so you can strengthen your business with the power of predictive analytics.

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