Guest: Prathiksha Kamath | Cloud Engineer – Customer Engineering, Niveus Solutions
Meghana M K  | Cloud Associate – Customer Engineering, Niveus Solutions

HorizonNext by Niveus – Episode 4 – “Mastering the CI/CD Pipelines

A Deep Dive into Streamlined Software Delivery.

In this episode, we’ll discuss the importance of CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) pipelines in software development. Tune in to this episode to learn everything you need to know about CI/CD pipelines!

Host: Akshay Adesh | Inside Sales Associate, Niveus Solutions

Guest: Suyog Shetty | Chief Executive Officer – Niveus Solutions
Royster D’Souza | Director – Souza & Picardo Enviro Solutions | Member of Mangalore Runners Club

HorizonNext by Niveus presents “Niveus Mangalore Marathon

Run for a Brighter Horizon

Step into the captivating podcast that will prepare you for the marathon! Join us for the third podcast episode as we delve deep into inspiring runner narratives, uncover valuable training insights to help you achieve your personal peak performance, and explore the latest developments in the dynamic marathon community.

Get ready to be inspired!

Host: Akshay Adesh | Associate – Inside Sales at Niveus Solutions

Guest: Shipra Rai | Vice President – People Operations at Niveus Solutions
Ashwathi Nair | Manager – HR Operations at Niveus Solutions

HorizonNext by Niveus presents The Art of Juggling

The Art of Juggling

Step into the fascinating world of work with HorizonNext by Niveus! Join us for our second podcast as we dive deep to uncover invaluable tips, be inspired by compelling stories, and gain expert insights to master the delicate balancing act between your career, personal life, and dreams. Tune in, because life is a constant juggling act, and we’re here to help you thrive!

Host: Akshay Adesh | Associate – Inside Sales at Niveus Solutions

Guest: Adarsh Prabhu | Associate Director – Technology at Niveus Solutions
Rupesh Shetty | Vice President – Data Analytics at Niveus Solutions

HorizonNext by Niveus presents GenAI Unleashed

The Dawn of Artificial Creativity

Dive into the fascinating world where creativity meets AI in our latest Horizon Next podcast episode. Discover how AI is reshaping the boundaries of human imagination, leading us into a new era of innovation and artistic expression. Join us as we explore groundbreaking insights, real-world examples, and the limitless potential of AI-generated creativity. Get ready to be amazed and inspired – tune in now and be part of the future!

Host: Suraj Rao | Cloud FinOps practitioner at Niveus Solutions.

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