What Is A

Landing Zone?

A cloud landing zone is basically setting up your GCP environments using standard configurations in a way that allows you to begin your GCP journey. By automating the process of setting up your infrastructure, the landing zone app built by Niveus Solutions allows you to bypass the tedious process of manually laying the foundations of your GCP environment, letting you start operations immediately.

Cloud landing zones act as the foundation upon which your cloud environment is built. Just like architectural foundations, landing zones give a strong base to build on and are created keeping in mind all that it will eventually hold. This blueprint ensures that your journey into the cloud progresses along a well-organized site plan, complete with maps, designs and dimensions. It also allows for organizations to clearly define themselves, the projects and teams involved, the resources used to conduct activities, and much more within their cloud environments.

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A sound foundation goes before a sound construction. 

Quick Comparison

Niveus’ Automated Landing Zone Vs Manual Setup


Benefits Of Using Niveus’ Landing Zone

With the Niveus landing zone, the automated setup of a secure, multi account environment is now easier and faster, allowing you to run secure operations from Google Cloud. This allows you to launch your GCP journey within 60 minutes, providing you the best practices Google Cloud has to offer, without the hassles of acquiring your own cloud engineers and resources.

gcp landing zone

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits:

Faster Mobilisation

Speed of migration has been made exponentially faster. What would earlier take anywhere from 1-7 days to perform is now possible to execute within the hour, allowing you to start your cloud journey immediately


Simplified Processes

 Niveus GCP Landing Zone simplifies the process of setting up the cloud environment, avoiding the hassles of manual set up by automation and by providing user-friendly interfaces


Better Agility

Standardization allows use of pre-developed environments enabling focus on building infrastructure. Additionally, the implementation of new applications is now simplified, saving time and costs, when the environment is scaled up or expanded


Automated Basic Security

Baseline security policies can be set up through automation, saving time and cost and ensuring security coverage


Assurance of Best Practices

It allows companies to operate within their own cloud policies without risk and as per the prevalent best practices of GCP


Reduced Operational Cost

By automating the work required in laying the foundation of the infrastructure, costs incurred in setting up your cloud environment can be slashed considerably, allowing businesses to add to their RoI


Supports Scalability

Niveus GCP Landing zone supports cloud adoption and scalability with duplicatable environments and consistent configuration with smoother controls

How Our GCP Landing Zone Works

The process of setting up a GCP account is ultra simplified at Niveus. Customers can fill in their requirements in our 9-step questionnaire-style form that will then be used to automate the launch of their Google Cloud account. This form requires information such as organization details, billing details, resource hierarchy, organization groups, network details, firewall and log-in credentials. Upon receiving the form with set requirements, we can then automate the launch of your on-prem or cloud assets to one of two landing zone types available at Niveus- Basic Landing Zone and Enterprise Landing Zone.

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Basic Landing Zone

This is the primary version of the GCP Landing Zone. It covers your basic needs and requirements involved in building your cloud environment. Within Basic Landing Zone, customers can benefit from the following features:

  • Service Account Creation
  • VPC, Basic subnets, Firewalls
  • Cloud Logging
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Security Command Center Dashboard
  • Billing Account & Best Practices
  • Administrative Access
  • Resource Hierarchy
  • Creation of Google Groups
Enterprise Landing Zone

An extended version of the Basic Landing Zone, complete with add ons such as more complex and customizable options, with a greater degree of standardization. It allows you to enjoy the flexibility of standardization as per your own policy requirement. With the Enterprise Landing Zone, in addition to the options available with Basic Landing Zone, customers can opt for -

  • Resource Hierarchy
  • VPC Peering
  • Retention Policy
  • Shared Log-sinks
  • Shared Project VPC
  • Cloud NAT & Cloud Router
  • Sharing Subnets between 2 Projects
  • Organizational Policy Constraints
  • VPN Tunneling to Azure/AWS
  • DevOps - Seed Project Creation & Project label Creation
  • DevOps- Support Plan based on the Company's Needs
  • Manual Verification of Domain
  • Jenkins Set Up
  • Git Repo
  • CI CD Pipeline as per Yaml
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