Our partnership with well-known customers across industries such as BFSI, Automotive, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Digital Native, and Public Sector, has made Niveus a master at infrastructure modernization enabling complete, agile business transformation for our vast clientele.


Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization is the process of transforming legacy systems and hardware solutions by updating them to modern systems. Organizations are swiftly moving away from ageing solutions to fully leverage the benefits that infrastructure modernization offers. Legacy systems pose several limitations in terms of efficiency, agility, productivity and customer satisfaction and are also extremely difficult to scale. The answer to the challenges and limitations of legacy systems lies in infrastructure modernization. Organizations can make their businesses more scalable, agile, secure and future-ready by modernizing the legacy infrastructure.

The Benefits


Increases productivity

With Infrastructure Modernization, comes increased productivity of the team. This is because legacy infrastructure demands a great amount of management, support, security and update. With modernization, the time spent on these issues gets drastically minimized.


Enhances agility

Modernized infrastructure also offers increased agility. With legacy infrastructure comes limitations such as inability to create new features, too much time for maintenance and support etc. With modern infrastructure more focus is on better functionality and agility


Improves ROI

With modernization, the money spent on troubleshooting and maintenance is reduced, leading to a significant saving in cost over time. Increased productivity, efficiency and reduced costs also lead to increased revenue and business opportunities.


Boosts efficiency

Modern infrastructure is also much easier and faster to use when compared to legacy systems. These advantages help to increase the overall efficiency


Improves customer experience

Infrastructure Modernization leads to enhanced customer experience and satisfaction


Strengthens security

Businesses can ensure enhanced security by using all the modern security tools and products

Infrastructure Modernization With Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a handful of flexible infrastructure modernization solutions to ease your journey. Organizations can leverage Google Cloud’s innovations from AI to streaming analytics.

Application migration to Google Cloud

Enables improved app performance, customer and user satisfaction. By encrypting data both at rest and in motion, it offers enhanced security. It also helps Organizations to save more with zero up-front costs

Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery with Google Cloud helps to ensure business continuity. Google provides valuable and economical cloud backup options for databases and VMs, helps to avail recovery time as per business need, allows  recovery in case of ransomware and extends backup usage for test/dev and analytics

Intelligent operations using Active Assist

Active Assist has many tools that use data, ML, and intelligence. This assembly of tools reduces the administrative pain and cloud complexity. This, thereby helps customers to improve their cloud security, cost, and performance. Active Assist helps Organizations to find performance-to-cost balance that they find ideal, with the help of automatic recommendations

SAP on Google Cloud

Helps to maintain business continuity by providing advanced reliability, uptime performance and network. Provides accelerated business agility and insights. Also offers values through VM-based infrastructure, ML and analytics

Microsoft and Windows on Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides world-class experience for Windows workloads. Organizations can self-manage or utilize managed services that Google Cloud offers. Backed by Microsoft, Organizations can migrate, modernize or optimize with best support

Virtual desktops

With the need and demand for remote work, Organizations today must balance IT resources with security. With Google Cloud you can avail user authentication through Google Workspace, Active Directory, IAP, and well-performing virtual desktop partners and full-proof security at the same time

Bare Metal solution

Organizations can access and integrate with Google Cloud services with minimum latency, all by moving their  specialized workloads to Google Cloud, and therefore offering agility and flexibility to the specialized workloads

VMware as a service

Using this Google Cloud service, organizations can move their VMware environment using a few  clicks. They can also run their VMware workloads in Google Cloud natively and without application refactoring. Organizations can enjoy integrated experience by accessing easy management across hybrid cloud environments

Data center migration

With Google Cloud, organizations can choose how they want to migrate— lift and shift, application change, or hybrid

High performance computing

This solution allows organizations to solve challenging computing challenges with strong, flexible infrastructure. As it supports scalable workloads, this solution helps organizations to reduce queue times for large-batch workloads

Infrastructure Modernization With Niveus

Niveus has successfully enabled infrastructure modernization for industry-leading companies from different sectors. From VM migration, simple lift-and-shift to refactoring and migrating monolithic systems into cloud, Niveus is a proven expert of all. Niveus has enabled modernization of core infrastructure of organizations to offer solutions to meet customer demand, unlock business opportunities and transformation.

Services Offered By Niveus

VM Migration: Live migration of the entire running VM from one physical server to another with zero downtime

Hybrid Cloud: After assessing the business of an enterprise, we, at Niveus, build a well-structured, appropriate roadmap to migrate applications into a hybrid environment, between on-prem and across cloud providers, in a sustainable manner.

Infrastructure-as-Code, Infrastructure Monitoring: We enable Organizations to adopt procedures and tools to deliver Infrastructure-as-Code. We also assist Organizations to achieve visibility into their key infrastructure metrics in real-time.

Containerize and Optimize Lift-and-shift of Applications to Cloud: Containerization of monolithic applications, optimization of Kubernetes configuration and their “ lift-and-shift” to migration to cloud.

Our Success Stories

Our client, the website optimization platform, was worried about the disruption of service for their large customer base in over 90 countries. Niveus enabled them to achieve migration with zero downtime, with no interruption of service at all. We optimized their infrastructure with failover mechanisms, high availability solutions, proactive infra and application monitoring stacks and integrated deployment pipelines.