With virtualization paving the way, enterprises gradually got accustomed to faster application development and testing time. For many enterprises, virtualization dramatically transformed the IT system from waterfall methodology to agile and DevOps. But virtualization was just the first step for enterprises to experience the advantages of agility and speed; now, Containers have come up as […]
Serverless computing abstracts away all infrastructure management and lets you run your application without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Although there’s an upswing in serverless computing, there was no one standard and several developers were not sure of a Cloud-lock in. But then Google, in collaboration with Red Hat, Pivotal, SAP, and IBM, developed Knative […]
The key to an effective cloud migration approach is to make sure that you are moving your data and applications securely and economically without any interruption to the end user. Although there are native services provided by the cloud providers for migrating data, these solutions might require significant restructuring of the application during a “lift-and-shift” […]
As you break down your monolithic approach into microservices, you’ll have plenty of benefits such as scalability, better up-time, and better monitoring. But there’s a hitch of using microservices- the risk of attack is greater. Moreover, all the communication within the microservices is exposed to the network. Thus, securing your microservices should be a key […]
There are too many tools to implement DevOps culture in your organization, Is DevOps all about selecting and implementing these tools to automate the workflow ? And what about the Organization Structure ? Should we have a seperate DevOps team to implement such pipelines ? Well, DevOps is not just about implementing the required tools, […]
Digital Transformation has been talked about in recent times by all the major companies around the globe across various industry segments. With the changing buying pattern from the end consumers to the pricing pressure which the organizations are in the midst off, it is important for companies to look at the ways in which they […]

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