INR 5 Crore Annually Saved with GCP Cost Optimization and FinOps Best Practices for a Top General Insurance Company

Consistently Maintains an SLA Compliance Rate Exceeding 99% with the Help of Niveus

Case Study


About the Client

The client has been serving the general insurance needs of millions of Indians. The company offers a full spectrum of general insurance products including car, health, travel needs, homes, and even personal accidents. It boasts a robust network of branches, ensuring easy access for customers. Additionally, a dedicated 24/7 support team stands ready to assist with any inquiries. This commitment translates to seamless customer service and a constant stream of innovative products designed to meet evolving needs.

Business Context

The client envisioned modernizing its applications and reaching a larger customer base by transitioning to cloud infrastructure. However, to optimally utilize the cloud resources, they wanted to automate CloudOps activities to minimize SLA breaches, improve ticket management, and efficiently use cloud resources to reduce costs.


India’s financial sector witnessed substantial expansion and the client is at the forefront, offering insurance products and personalized customer experiences through digital platforms on the cloud. However, the company had an annual cloud spend of around $2M and wanted to optimize its cloud cost wastage.  


Considering their previous experience with cloud optimizations on Google Cloud, Niveus suggested reducing cloud wastage by implementing CloudOps and FinOps best practices and frameworks along with Guardrails to manage cloud spending effectively.


The Solution

The client wanted to advance their journey toward modernization, enabling them to evolve into an organization focused on AI and digital transformation by effectively utilizing cloud resources. Niveus implemented FinOps’ best practices framework to manage cloud spending effectively and custom-built data visualization dashboards to better track GCP expenses.

  • Automated disk addition to predefined backup schedules for improved efficiency
  • Established a centralized alerting system to automate adding resources for enhanced monitoring
  • Created a comprehensive FinOps dashboard for a consolidated view of project-wise cost distribution in one centralized location 
  • Deployed a vulnerability dashboard using Looker Studio for the Security Command Center (SCC), enabling dynamic data analysis and seamlessly integrating SCC with communication channels for real-time notifications 
  • Automated resource provisioning was set up, which helps save effort and further ensures that all resources are provisioned according to the organization’s policies and best practices 
  • Engineered a CI/CD pipeline empowering the application team to deploy code onto the MIG servers directly

Key Value Delivered

  • Enabled real-time cost monitoring by the implementation of Looker Studio, enabling prompt actions to be taken and providing valuable insights into spending trends
  • Increased the visibility of GCP Infrastructure cost at the application level by following labeling best practices
  • Improve the effectiveness of spend tracking by implementing GCP Budgets as part of the FinOps Guardrails

Business Impact


Total GCP cloud cost savings monthly from various FinOps activities

69045+ GB

Idle disks terminated

₹90 Lakhs+

GCP cloud cost savings annually from 3 years VM commitment

Customer Testimonial

Our partnership with Niveus has been pivotal in our cloud and financial operations strategy. Niveus helped us implement FinOps best practices, which led to an annual savings of 5 crore. Their contributions have not only helped us achieve operational excellence but also positioned us as a leader in digital and AI transformation within the insurance industry. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and exploring new horizons together.


Technology Stack

Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud Alloy Database
Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Operations Suite
Container Registry
Cloud IAM
Global Load Balancer
Cloud CDN
Cloud Armor

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