Multiplayer Gaming Platform Setup For A Tech Giant

Case Study


The Client

The client is an American multinational technology company that focuses on key search engines, online advertising, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics. The company has one of the trusted search engines in the world and captures almost 95% of mobile traffic.

Project Objective – Multiplayer gaming platform setup

Business Value: Niveus enabled the client to improve their customer experience with a variety of GCP products including Cloud Spanner, Redis (Memorystore) and Google Kubernetes Engine. The Cloud Spanner implementation has helped the client to host up to a million concurrent application users demonstrating high scalability, increased availability and powerful consistency.

The key objective of this project was to deliver an impressive customer experience as the client wanted to build their own real-time multiplayer gaming platform setup. The client desired to create an online cricket fantasy game in which gamers can form a virtual cricket team of 11 players from a forthcoming match. The game allows users to create a virtual team of real-world players and earn points based on the performances of these players in live matches.

The primary goal in the fantasy cricket game is to score as many points as possible and climb the leaderboard by defeating your opponents.


Business Solution

  • Niveus constructed the backend system which includes building the APIs, and the database schema required for the application to demonstrate the capabilities to scale Spanner Database
  • Set up and configured required infrastructure for the application
  • The application is integrated with the Cloud Spanner, user simulation tests are run from 1 to 100K concurrent users and benchmarks are recorded to demonstrate the Cloud Spanner scaling capabilities


  • Requests from players would be accepted by GCP Cloud DNS, which would then be forwarded to the application hosted in Google Kubernetes Engine via Global Load Balancer, with Cloud Armor screening harmful attacks based on DNS mappings and parameters
  • The Global Load Balancer secures the players’ data in transit by using HTTPS and the GLB’s SSL termination capabilities
  • The game servers will run on Google Kubernetes Engine in an regional cluster Availability Zones like User Management, Match Management, Contest Management, LeaderBoard, Squad Management¬† and Players-Point Management
  • The data from the applications would then be pushed to the associated databases like Redis (Memorystore) and Cloud Spanner

Technology Stack

Cloud Load Balancing
Cloud Pub/Sub
Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud Memorystore
Cloud Spanner

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