Solving For Cloud

Through our expert cloud consulting solutions, Niveus has been solving critical business problems for clients ranging across industries. Our clients leverage the cloud to its maximum potential to experience exponential ROI.


Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting is a broad term that deals with a spectrum of services that help organizations to leverage cloud to its fullest capacity. The complexities of cloud technology can be confusing for many. While leveraging the cloud has many benefits, if not done correctly it can affect costs and rate of growth of an organization. Researching and architecturing solutions that are best suited for a business is a challenging task. This is where cloud consulting comes in. The role of cloud consulting services is to help organizations choose and tailor cloud solutions as per their business needs. Cloud consultants possess extensive knowledge about various cloud offerings and thus can help organizations at all levels.

The Benefits

Cloud Consultants assess the needs of a business and help with leveraging cloud capabilities to meet those needs in the most efficient way

With Cloud consulting businesses can develop long-term roadmaps, leverage cloud solutions to fullest, reduce cost through implementing modern systems, all of which help to increase the overall ROI.

Cloud Consulting With Niveus

Niveus with its world-class services helps businesses to create solutions that meet their business needs. Niveus’ team comprises Cloud Engineers adept in various cloud technologies. Our team is expert in strategizing best cloud solutions and practices. With our immense experience across various industries, our team is well-equipped in providing best-in-class cloud consultation. With our motto “We Solve For You”, Niveus is ready to deal with and overcome any business challenges through our collaborative efforts with our customers.

Niveus provides:

  • Cloud security analysis and advisory
  • Container consulting service
  • Analysis & planning of data insight strategies
  • Analysis of current infrastructure & strategic road mapping to cloud adoption
As a part of our Cloud Consulting assessment, the Niveus team would understand the existing ecosystem of the customer, recommend industry best practices and provide a roadmap & task list to implement.
Specific Offerings

Cloud security

Infrastructure security assessment and Application security assessment.

Infrastructure modernization

Infrastructure assessment using Stratazone and Application Migration assessment & roadmap, using Tejas (our inhouse tool)

Application modernization

Deployment Pipeline Performance and Vulnerability Analysis

Data modernization

Data Analytics Platform Assessment