Solving For Managed Cloud As A Service

Niveus’ team of expert cloud engineers have been providing Google Cloud(GCP) managed services to organizations across the globe. Our team of Cloud Engineers have been handling maintenance, supervision and management of GCP environments for some of the largest organizations across industries, providing GCP as a managed service. We have enabled our customers to leverage the best of Google Cloud solutions, smoothened operations, enhanced security and compliance, strengthened agility and enabled them to focus completely on important business priorities.


Google Cloud Managed Services

Organizations are adopting the cloud more and more due to the immense benefits of cloud technology. But cloud technology is also a constantly evolving field that undergoes rapid changes. New products, technologies, services and solutions are coming up on a daily basis. There are also constant security threats looming over businesses. Due to all these reasons organizations partner with managed cloud service providers.

In managed cloud as a service the entire responsibility of implementation, maintenance and management of the cloud services is taken care of by the cloud service provider. They help to streamline and automate operations, leverage modern technologies better and offer greater flexibility, reliability and security.

The Benefits

Google Cloud(GCP) Managed Services opens the door to many benefits. Here are some of the major ones.

Managed cloud services allow organizations to utilize the robust cloud resources through service providers without having to pay for the resource itself. These top cloud services reduce maintenance errors, issues and completely streamline operations leading to cost savings in the long run

The cloud engineers from the service provider’s team possess expertise in leveraging the modern technologies to their fullest potential. This expertise benefits organizations at every level and increases their productivity and business efficiency.

With managed services there are better maintenance measures. In case of errors, the response time is drastically reduced. Updates and upgrades are also under the purview of the service provider.

Managed cloud services also provide greater disaster recovery measures. The data is better secured across all applications. In the event of a disaster, the data remains safe and the recovery is fast with least downtime.

Some organizations are subjected to regulatory compliance. Any errors or non-compliance can drastically harm the organization. Compliance is completely taken care of by the service providers.

All businesses are highly prone to malicious threats and attacks. But with managed cloud services, organizations get to experience enhanced security by leveraging world-class security services by top-cloud providers that their service providers partner with.

Managed cloud services help to smoothen operations and also offer more flexibility, reliability and scalability. They also provide round the clock supervision and management.

With maintenance, supervision and support handled, organizations can focus better on achieving their core business objectives and goals and strengthening their core competencies

Managed Cloud Services With Niveus

Niveus’ is a team of Cloud Engineers who are passionate about solving complex business problems and providing world-class cloud solutions and services. Our skilled, trained and proficient members are experts in leveraging cloud technologies to provide best-in-class services. With our managed cloud services, organizations can spend their time on business priorities while we handle monitoring, providing and fixing infrastructure.

Niveus Services:

  • Bill Support and Management
  • Setting up cloud governance and periodic audit
  • Consulting support
  • Infra and Software Engineering support
  • Quarterly business review
Ticketing support model:

As a part of our Cloud Consulting assessment, the Niveus team would understand the existing ecosystem of the customer, recommend industry best practices and provide a roadmap & task list to implement.