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Apigee – Evolution to API-first Economy

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Tradier, a Financial Technology and Brokerage Services company, accelerated the launch of its brokerage APIs and platform by several months using Apigee Edge, avoiding the need to build analytics, authentication, and rate limiting capabilities, resulting in seamless onboarding and three to nine times faster integrations compared to other platform providers. As businesses of today evolve to quickly become device and platform friendly, we see businesses accommodating application-experience into their products and services as a priority. Consumers are reaching for apps that can do more than just one service. Single applications like Google Pay, Makemytrip, and Flipkart offer a variety of services, including purchases, consultations, money transfers, and bill payments, made possible through API integrations.

Do more with Apigee and Niveus

Moving from a digital first to an API-first economy then becomes increasingly mandatory for businesses as they develop their digital experiences to meet consumer demands. Apigee is the six time consecutive Leader of Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management. From connecting businesses to partner products and services, implementing governance models, enabling faster GTM, to giving real-time visibility through a single window and scaling up for new trajectories of growth, APIGEE delivers on all fronts! Here’s how Apigee can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Apigee services as an API management platform

Apigee, Google Cloud’s API management platform, is a cornerstone for enhancing digital experiences by providing robust API security, monitoring, and analytics across diverse environments. It caters to a wide range of applications, from older backends to microservices and multi-cloud setups, allowing secure data and service sharing across platforms like mobile apps, websites, and IoT.

Apigee serves as a fundamental tool for businesses, offering the essential building blocks to design, deploy, manage, and monetize APIs. Its significance lies in enabling enterprises to seamlessly connect existing systems and applications to APIs. This flexibility allows businesses to leverage previous investments while developing new, modern applications that remain connected to their established systems.

With a comprehensive approach, Apigee handles all aspects of APIs, from creation to ongoing management, encompassing governance, security, monitoring, analytics, and more. It caters to two primary user groups: API creators, (producer developers) who focus on designing user-friendly, secure, and compatible APIs, and API users (consumer developers), who seek accessible and comprehensible APIs for effective utilization. Apigee ensures a smooth process for creators, covering design, updates, security, and performance monitoring, while simultaneously providing consumers with APIs that are easy to understand and implement.

Features include – 

  • The developer portal: Helps consumers to find your APIs, and rapidly understand them with the intention of using them to build their applications. 
  • The monitoring and analytics portal: Allows creators to monitor well-performing APIs, and also analyze why they are doing so. 
  • The API runtime portal: Executes the policies that creators have configured for security, traffic management and efficiency of their APIs.  

Benefits of Apigee 

Streamlined API Development- Apigee facilitates seamless creation of API products by producers, promoting an API-first mindset and fostering collaboration between developers. Consumer developers can easily register, generate API keys, and request API product usage, promoting efficient reuse through shared flows. This approach streamlines management, boosts innovation, and accelerates time-to-market. Apigee’s integration with AT&T’s API platform significantly accelerated developer onboarding, reducing the time from months to days, enabling powerful mobile applications and achieving productivity gains of up to 25% through efficient code reuse.

Managed API Security- Unmanaged APIs are a risk to businesses because they may be used for malicious attacks and/or negatively impact a business. Protecting these APIs and their applications then becomes crucial to the sustainability of your digital ecosystem. With Apigee, all standard authentication mechanisms are supported out of the box. A case in point is how Apigee is assisting Businesses need connected digital experiences for end-consumers, and Apigee’s management proficiency handles the array of APIs, ensuring a seamless digital experience. Apigee unlocks value in connected services for customers, partners, and employees, with the developer portal ensuring controlled sharing of created APIs. in securely and efficiently powering global payments and foreign exchange (FX) by managing customer payment accounts at scale.

Connected Customer Experiences Businesses need connected digital experiences for end-consumers, and Apigee’s management proficiency handles the array of APIs, ensuring a seamless digital experience. Apigee unlocks value in connected services for customers, partners, and employees, with the developer portal ensuring controlled sharing of created APIs. For example, Kao AEMEA (Kao), a global manufacturer and distributor, enhances customer experiences with Apigee by implementing APIs for instant feedback on orders from various platforms, proactively addressing issues like short shipments or delays, and improving overall customer satisfaction through real-time inventory adjustments.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment- Apigee helps your APIs to handle device scales securely, manage developer ecosystem regardless of type, adapt to new innovation such as IoT and more across environments including private and public cloud, SaaS, other endpoints, as well as on premises. 

Evolving into an API-first Economy 

Nationwide Insurance adopted an API-first business strategy with Google’s Apigee, empowering over 1,000 internal developers to independently create and share APIs. This shift to a product-based model accelerates digital transformation, increasing API adoption and awareness. Notably, onboarding time for B2B partners is reduced from months to just days. That’s what’s possible with an API-first economy. 

API-first is a mindset change to development strategies in which one considers only the end user’s experience as a priority. Business focus shifts entirely to consumer needs via a feedback loop and what service they might want in order to get jobs done more efficiently. This helps build or consume APIs from other partner integrations – on time and every time! In the shift towards an API-first economy, Apigee plays a pivotal role in empowering organizations to thrive in this digital transformation. By adopting Apigee, businesses are embracing a strategy where APIs serve as the foundation for innovation, collaboration, and seamless integration. Apigee facilitates the development of robust API ecosystems, enabling companies to prioritize digital initiatives, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences.

In this API-first economy, Apigee empowers businesses to leverage their data and services efficiently, fostering agility and scalability. Through its comprehensive API management platform, Apigee enables organizations to design, secure, deploy, and analyze APIs, ensuring a robust and standardized approach to digital connectivity. This approach not only accelerates time-to-market for new products and services but also facilitates the integration of diverse systems, whether they are legacy backends, microservices, or serverless architectures.

As businesses evolve into an API-first economy with Apigee, they gain a competitive edge by fostering innovation, reducing time and costs associated with development, and ensuring the security and reliability of their digital offerings. Apigee’s capabilities extend beyond mere API management; they empower organizations to create a dynamic and responsive digital infrastructure that aligns with the demands of today’s rapidly changing market landscape.

Conclusion – Building Right With Niveus

Ultimately, the transition to an API-first economy with Apigee signifies a commitment to adaptability, collaboration, and efficiency, positioning businesses to not only meet current digital demands but also to anticipate and embrace future opportunities in an increasingly interconnected world. Niveus Solutions offers a transformative path for businesses to establish an API-first economy through the robust capabilities of Apigee. By leveraging Apigee’s comprehensive API management platform, businesses can seamlessly navigate the complexities of API creation, management, and optimization. Niveus Solutions empowers organizations to cultivate a dynamic digital ecosystem, fostering innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. With Apigee, businesses can unlock the full potential of connected services and products, ensuring a future-ready approach that aligns with the demands of the evolving digital landscape. 

Through strategic implementation and guidance from Niveus Solutions, businesses can not only streamline their API processes but also drive sustainable growth in the API-first era.

Build connected digital experiences with Apigee

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