Application Migration to Cloud (GCP) for Josh Talks

Case Study


The Client

The client is an Indian media/EdTech platform that hosts content over many languages. The app specializes in teaching spoken English and has over 1 lakh+ students. Teaches English communication skills along with grammar rules, and English vocabulary, with a friendly interface, interactive lessons, daily practice tests & exercises, rewards for toppers, and allows students to practice speaking English with other students.

Project Objective – Application Migration to GCP

Niveus Solutions helped the client to build/migrate/re-engineer systems that can transform businesses using microservice-based containerized architecture orchestrated by Kubernetes. We were also working closely with the engineering team from the client side in order to achieve their end-goals.

The client was looking to migrate their mobile application to Google Cloud Platform. The client team decided to move their workload from AWS to GCP in-order-to ensure higher value propositions to their end-users by providing them with a seamless user experience and cloud-cost benefits. The main objective was to increase the capacity and to innovate with scalability and greater flexibility. Configuring the applications in Google Cloud Platform and migrating the associated databases to GCP for a user-friendly experience.


Solution Roadmap

  • Designed and deployed Cloud Landing Zone on GCP incorporating Enterprise and Cloud best practices
  • Migrated production database components like PostgreSQL and Redis with minimal downtime
  • Devised automation strategies for application and OS image CI-CD, enabling one-click upgrades and rollbacks
  • Google Cloud CDN is configured for static content caching from Cloud Storage
  • Firebase is configured for real-time databases
  • Data Aggregator is configured which will facilitate analysis and reporting using Data Studio based on the schedule policy
  • Improved security posture through secure connectivity using Google features like OS Login, SQLProxy, SLA monitoring

Business Solution

  • Choose the right cloud partner for the cloud journey
  • Setup a strong cloud foundation with secure, scalable, modular, and easy to access resources
  • Migrate the mobile application/infra workload to GCP from AWS to address scalability issues alongside cost optimization
  • Solving to ensure end-users by providing them with a seamless user experience

The Impact

Supports real-time language conversation practices with Firebase
Converts speech to text with more than 90% accuracy rate through Speech-to-Text
Reduces 30% of operational costs for more investment in product development
Helps create new interactive language learning features tailored for local users

Technology Stack

Cloud Storage
Cloud CDN
Cloud SQL
Cloud Load Balancing
Compute Engine
Cloud Armor
Cloud Firestore

Customer Testimonials

"Niveus team has helped us in database migration (Postgres and Redis), CI-CD Pipelines, Application migration for Staging and Production, Infrastructure set up for Monitoring/logging and Security. Landing zone setup along with production and staging environments is established accordingly. They maintain a highly customer-centric approach and transparency with deployments done effortlessly."

Gopal AgrawalSDE-III - Josh Talks

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