Automated Subtitle Translation Services with AutoML Capabilities on GCP

Case Study


The Client

The client is an Indian subscription-based OTT, video-on-demand entertainment and media platform, launched in 2012. The network offers media streaming and video-on-demand services. The digital platform is accessible on most Internet-connected screens including mobile, tablets, web, and TV. The client broadcasts its contents in different countries to audiences with various languages and backgrounds.

Project Objective

As the client  provides entertainment across borders and in multiple countries, language can be considered a hurdle in delivering meaningful content. They are currently manually translating their movies in different languages with the use of subtitles and were looking to automate this process. The first of its kind in the media industry in India, the automation is intended to make translation process simpler and faster, and allow  the client to be the first in the market to implement it.

Business Solution

As a part of this engagement, the team from Niveus Solutions has been working closely with the client  team to implement AutoML translation of English text into 4 languages.  The client ran a POC with Google and Niveus to test the accuracy of the model and the results were convincing to take the workload to production. This is an ongoing engagement on a pay-as-you-go basis where  the client  will avail Google and Niveus’ services to implement the AutoML translation model for Arabic and other languages. Our subtitle translation services broaden client’s reach to newer regions and audience pools beyond language barriers.


The Impact

Around 7.45 hrs of effort saving per movie

4.84 BLEU Score improvement compared to NMT model after translation

Project to be implemented for 4 languages, 2K movies in each language in the next phase


  • Identify initial datasets of 100 movies to be validated and used for the production environment and would be scaled up to 2000 movies.
  • Create a Dataset with the translation samples available
  • Upload the training data
  • Data will be in cloud bucket in the form of a CSV file
  • Specify the Source (English) and Target Languages
  • Choose a base model (NMT)
  • Start Training the Model
  • Apply glossary and post-translation scripts
  • Check the accuracy with the Test data
Low application latency

Technology Stack

Python 3.7
AutoML Translation API
Spacy Library

Customer Feedback

"Niveus along with the Google Team has been innovative in how they’ve implemented AutoML translation of movie subtitles from English to Arabic. Their drive to deeply understand our requirements and how best to meet those requirements has been a point of assurance for us.The results of the project have been encouraging and we are impressed with Niveus’ engineering team’s and GCP's capabilities. We are looking forward to more from them."

Anupam SenguptaGM - Strategy & BD

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