Oracle To Postgres Migration For A Global Automotive Client

Case Study


The Client

The client is a leading pioneer in the Indian automotive industry and its headquarter is located in Bangalore. The client engaged with Niveus Solutions to implement Oracle to Postgres migration for security & scalability of transaction data.

The company is an Indian joint venture between the leading global company (89%) and the Indian corporate group (11%) for the manufacture and sales of cars in India.

Project Objective – Oracle to Postgres Migration

The client was looking for migration of ERP Master and transaction data that is to be used in a B2C portal. Niveus team found a solution to this requirement by implementing Oracle to Postgres migration where Oracle being in an On-prem, Virtual Machine (VM) and Postgres in Azure is migrated.

Transactional data is very useful for the company to track financial and other data. The main intent is to help the client have secure, scalable, modular and easy to access data. As a solution to this, Niveus used its own resources for migration of ERP Master and transaction data through Oracle to Postgres migration.


Solution Roadmap

  • The Oracle being in On-prem, Virtual Machine (VM) and Postgres in Azure is migrated
  • Ora2pg is used as a Migration Tool
  • Migrating view data from Oracle OnPrem to  PostgreSQL table
  • CDC by running cron with Ora2pg and updating PostgreSQL
  • Handled errors and trigger emails to stakeholders

Business Solution

  • Choose the right cloud partner for the cloud journey
  • Setup a strong cloud foundation with secure, scalable, modular, and easy to access resources
  • Create a data migration strategy by understanding the customers need and their landscape intricacies
  • Enable the client systems to seamlessly integrate with the migrated data

The Impact

The migration is fast and scalable
The platform is very scalable
Handling error very efficiently
A cost-efficient solution that is easy to use

Technology Stack

Postgres – Cloud SQL
Cloud Storage
Cloud Pub/sub
Cloud Dataflow
Stackdriver Logging & monitoring
Persistent Disk
Internet egress

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