Azure to GCP Migration For A Logistics & Transportation Service Provider

Case Study


The Client

The client is an aggregated transportation network built using idle transportation and logistics capacities from a large number of distributed entrepreneurs. Through the company’s platform, clients can reduce logistics costs by eliminating wastage by combining resources across channels.

Project Objective – Azure to GCP Migration

Niveus helped the client to analyze their existing workloads on Azure and map them to GCP offerings. This would involve consulting on cloud best practices, choosing the right offerings and helping them with Azure to GCP migration with re-deployments.

Currently the client has applications for e-commerce, distribution, trucking/tracking, core and engineering which help them run their business, which is hosted on Azure. Tech Stack for these applications is a combination of Tomcat, Java, MongoDB, Frappe, Python, Pentaho ETL, MariaDB, NodeJs Loopback, Kafka, Metabase, SupersetZabbix, MySql etc. There are 32 such applications identified for the migration to GCP.


Solution Roadmap

  • Setting up GCP for migration destination purpose
  • Kafka is used to build real-time streaming data pipelines and real-time streaming applications
  • Containerization of all the identified application and running and deployment on Kubernetes
  • VPC setup for each platform and Network setup for each environment and application
  • Integration testing for the multi cloud setup
  • Mapping the Azure services to equivalent GCP offering as per their existing Azure Bill Performance
  • The production-ready machines in GCP with the Azure cloud using the Unix Benchmarking tool
  • Set up documentation for set up and migrating activities

Business Solution

  • Choose the right cloud partner for the cloud journey
  • Set up a strong cloud foundation with secure, scalable, modular, and easy to access resources
  • Maintain the migration strategy for the critical databases
  • Enable the client to embark on the end to end container journey

The Impact

Higher compute and savings per unit
Very convenient for container journey with GKE
Easier workload management with lower Cloud Opex
Enabled with scalability and stronger Cloud foundation

Technology Stack

Mysql Galera
Docker Registry
Gitlab and Gitlab Runner with Migration


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