Mystifly Migrated to GCP for Optimizing Cost and Delivering Better Customer Experience

Enhanced Operational Excellence Through Cloud Governance, FinOps Best Practices, and Transparent Observability

Case Study


About the Client

Mystifly, a leading travel technology company, has been a prominent force since its establishment in 2009, accumulating over 13 years of industry expertise. Collaborating with airlines and travel sellers across 80+ countries, Mystifly operates as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) platform. The Smart Selling Platform (SSP) is at the core of its offerings, a cloud-based solution seamlessly aggregating, normalizing, and optimizing global air content, covering 700+ NDC, GDS, and LCC airlines. This empowers airlines and travel sellers to navigate the entire Offer-Order-Settle-Deliver (OOSD) lifecycle efficiently, setting industry standards for innovation and scalability in the dynamic world of air travel.

Business Context

Businesses in the dynamic travel industry need help managing their travel programs. B2B travel technology firms emerge as a solution, providing innovative tools to streamline travel processes, optimize costs, and enhance the overall travel experience. To achieve enhanced operational excellence in cloud governance, FinOps best practices, and transparent observability, Mystify wanted to migrate to a cloud environment better suited to meet its business objectives.

The main challenge was to migrate Mystifly’s Development, Staging, UAT, and Production infrastructure including associated databases all within a tight deadline and with minimal/zero escalations. The decision reflects Mystifly’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology for enhanced operational efficiency and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Considering GCP’s cloud cost optimization features and competitive advantages, Niveus suggested Mystifly migrate their workloads from Azure to GCP. This migration is set to equip Mystifly with the scalability and reliability that come with GCP, helping the company meet the growing demands of its expanding customer base. By adopting GCP, Mystifly aims to best use its resources and ultimately provide a better experience for its valued customers.


The Solution

Niveus successfully migrated Mystifly’s workloads from Azure to the Google Cloud Platform, ensuring compliance with existing regulations and enhancing operational excellence through cloud governance, FinOps best practices, and transparent observability.

  • Mystifly’s external user requests were efficiently routed through the load balancer after undergoing inspection by Cloud Armor (WAF protection) and NGFW (north-south traffic inspection) in the landing zone
  • The application layer comprised app servers hosted in managed instance groups and microservices in GKE
  • Additional services were hosted in Compute Engine (Virtual Machines). The application layer seamlessly integrated with the database layer hosted in GCP
  • Mystifly’s applications were integrated with a third party solution for email functionalities and marketplace deployment for notifications
  • A VPN was established between GCP and Azure specifically for database migration
  • Sprinto – Centralize security is used for compliance management
  • Global Cloud Load Balancer was enabled for high availability, lower latency, and design redundancy
  • Enabled access management for users based on Google Cloud IAM policies
  • CI framework was implemented

Key Value Delivered

  • 4 environments migrated – helped the customer to set up the infrastructure (IAC) in GCP
  • By leveraging GCP’s cost optimization, competitive pricing, and credits, Mystifly has enhanced its financial performance and reduced its cloud costs.
  • This migration enabled Mystifly to leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure while maintaining and improving its operational standards and compliance requirements
  • Niveus’ seamless delivery was recognized and appreciated by Google and the customer’s leadership

Business Impact

100’s of GB

Data migrated in less than three months

Zero Escalations

Ensured a seamless cutover without errors

Customer Testimonial

The travel industry is at a pivotal point as we shift from legacy technology and processes to intelligent systems to power modern retailing and personalized travel experiences. Our partnership with Niveus supports Mystifly's mission to modernize travel infrastructure across the entire ecosystem, delivering solutions that bridge old and new technologies and catering to the discerning needs of travelers and the efficiency of sellers and suppliers.

Rajeev KumarChief Executive Officer at Mystifly

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