Built A Scalable Platform Using Kubernetes & GCP for VWO’s(Wingify) Cloud Native Transformation

Case Study


The Client

The Client is a fast-growing software company based in New Delhi, India, that creates globally acclaimed technology products.
The VWO Testing, an A/B, Split, and Multivariate Testing solutions, are some of their flagship products. VWO Experience Optimization Platform is popular among thousands of businesses and consumers in more than 90 countries and has served brands such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Walt Disney, Target, eBay, and Ubisoft.

Project Objective

VWO had its workloads hosted on IBM SoftLayer and was looking for highly scalable solutions to boost visitor conversion rate and optimise their spendings and operations.

As a means to solve the drags of the existing bare-metal system, The Client decided to shift its data to the Cloud. This would not only address the web conversion rates and cost issues but also help them with exceptional processing speeds and scalability.

In this digital transformation case study, we take a look at how we at Niveus enabled cloud native transformation for VWO(Wingify) by migrating them to GCP from IBM softlayer. The most fitting solution for their needs was containerisation over GKE. To orchestrate the migration smoothly Niveus Solutions Pvt Ltd, India’s premier Google Cloud Partner was chosen for its known expertise in infrastructure modernization and Cloud-Native Digital Transformation.


Solution Roadmap

  • The Niveus team worked closely with the VWO team to analyze their existing workloads on IBM Softlayer.
  • Held consultations on best cloud practices and utilisation as per client needs.
  • Migrated large scale production-ready databases to VM and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Implemented CI/ CD strategy for faster release cycles with higher right deployment rates

Business Solution

  • Deployed BigQuery-powered Data Warehouse
  • Built integration pipelines, logs, and metric-based open-source monitoring setup and workloads monitoring dashboards for faster and proactive solving of issues.
  • Implemented a robust Disaster recovery strategy for every application to ensure zero downtime and no service interruption.

The Impact

Niveus with Google Cloud, enabled full-stack migration for VWO with zero downtime~ Meaning- no service interruption for the company’s product being used in 90+ countries.
Boosted Data Processing by 1,000 folds- powering them with smarter marketing insights (From gigabytes to terabytes per day).
Brought about a reduction of 30 percent in the carbon footprint
Use of Google cloud to enable modern data warehouse resulting in time and cost optimisation by about 50 percent as compared to competitor offerings.
Optimized web conversion rates with easy-to-use A/B testing solutions
Reduced client’s response time latency by about 40 percent with Cloud Load Balancing
Migration to GCP has provided the client with flexibility in deploying applications and services on Cloud IaaS faster and with higher degree of reliability


  • The application and data layer resilient with failover mechanisms, easy migration setup, and high availability
  • Deployed their Infrastructure as a code, enabling environment set up with minimal human intervention and high degree of success

Technology Stack

PHP, Angular
Python, Nodejs, Lua
MySQL Galera, Redis, Memcache, MongoDB, Postgres, flat files.
Cluster-based Kafka, Celery, RabbitMQ
Google Cloud Storage
Jenkins/ JenkinsX, Tekton
Cloud Build, Container Registry and Spinnaker
Private VPC, FireWall Rules
Binary Authorization, Security Policies, VPN
Terraform, Ansible

Customer Testimonials

“I want to thank the Niveus team for working with us during the migration process from bare-metal servers to GCP. Team was always available and helped us to resolve any questions we had about the services. Some of the demos created by the team were instrumental for us to go live faster as our team got a head start because of them. Really happy with the ongoing support and wish the team all the success.”

Ankit JainVP - Product & Engineering at Wingify

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