Data Warehousing Solution for Automotive Client

Case Study


The Client

The client is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing corporation, headquartered in Mumbai. and it is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India.  Niveus Solutions helped the client with a data warehousing solution using Google Cloud for analytical purposes and business reporting to cater the business users.

Project Objective – Data Warehousing Solution

The client envisioned developing a data warehouse platform that would receive data from various source systems, processed and stored for analytical purposes and business reporting. The main objective is to develop a data lake in the cloud, integrated with the report system which  would cater to business users. The business users are information users such as business managers, marketing managers, or business analysts who use information to make critical decisions in a secure manner with data warehouse implementation. The main purpose of this project is to develop a data warehouse platform on Google Cloud that can ingest & process data from various source systems in real time, within their organization for business intelligence data analysis and reporting techniques purposes.


Solution Roadmap

  • To Implement the data lake, we have used Google Cloud Platform as the Cloud Service Platform.
  •  Due to the flexible architecture of this platform, it helps to speed up queries  processing through BigQuery.
  •  SAP Business Objective Data Services (BODS), SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) is used to ingest data from real time which arrives via SAP systems
  •  Data Fusion helps to replicate the Oracle/SQL data sources
  •  To build the aggregate table, we have used Dataflow, which is an analytics service that minimizes latency, processing time, and cost through auto-scaling and batch processing, and Composer for orchestration service.
  • CloudRun is used to Fetch data from Api Endpoints, IAM based authentication for easy access management and Cloud Storage for Backup

Business Solution

The data warehouse platform is designed for ingest & process data from various source systems within the organization. We provided aggregation of data from multiple touchpoints and sources for processing of the data for analytical purposes and business reporting. We also developed a data lake in the cloud, and we have integrated a report system which would cater to organizations in a user-friendly and secure manner.


The Impact

Real-time data ingestion for analytics and business purposes
Enhancing data security for business users
Collection of data for integrated report system
Rollback becomes extremely easy

Technology Stack

Data Fusion

Data Composer
Cloud Run
Cloud Storage


Cloud Function

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