Real-time Insights With IoT-based Telematic Platform For Ampere Electric, A Leading EV Manufacturer

Case Study


The Client

Ampere Electric is a pure-play Electric Vehicle player in the EV industry, providing a wide range of energy-efficient products and solutions. Headquartered in Bengaluru with its manufacturing plants in Ranipet Tamil Nadu, they are backed by Greaves Electric Mobility. They offer eco-friendly transportation solutions including electric scooters, cycles, three wheelers, and customized vehicles. They serve customers through dealers in India with the option to shop online.

Project Objective: IoT-based Telematic Platform

Business Value: Niveus provided a seamless, secure, and  user-friendly experience for Ampere Electric users. We designed and developed a scalable  IoT-based Telematic Platform available on Android and iOS devices that provides real-time insights into their fleet of connected vehicles.

The client was looking to build a Cloud-native Telematics platform capable of supporting two versions of vehicles: the current ones, connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy, and newer generation vehicles equipped with IoT devices. The solution is expected to roll out in a phased manner. For the initial phase, the client aimed to create a scalable pilot involving 100 two-wheelers.


Business Solution

We enabled better customer experience and improved security with – 

  • A Cloud-native Telematics platform to generate and monitor data from their connected vehicles, providing users with information on general vehicle use and diagnostics
  • Support for both legacy Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected scooters as well as IoT-enabled scooters 
  • Augment the IoT telematics solutions with backend to support the consumer application
  • The on-demand nature of Cloud-native platform that gives a phased approach to scaling with respect to their business goal

The Impact

Improved fleet management and fleet health for a multinational restaurant chain with a fleet of over 10k connected vehicles


  • The pilot phase consists of 80% IoT devices and 20% Bluetooth connected mobile phones. These devices generated data from different components of the vehicle, such as the battery, motor, and engine/flags
  • Verne was used for interacting with MQTT clients and push the data to Pub/Sub topics
  • Dataflow was used to process data on a real-time basis before loading it into the Cloud BigQuery
  • BigQuery was the target layer with Looker Studio over its table to create dashboards for the monitoring team
  • Google Cloud Storage was used for long term data storage & archival purposes
Low application latency

Technology Stack

Cloud BigTable
Cloud Pub/Sub
Cloud Storage
Looker Studio

Customer Feedback

“Niveus has been instrumental in building a dynamic, scalable & secure telematics layer for our connected vehicle platform. Their understanding of our requirements and how to bring those requirements to life using Google Cloud is commendable. The team also put in extra effort to help test the platform with the devices deployed in our vehicles. “

Amaresh Prasad NayakAssistant General Manager, Greaves Electric Mobility

Modernize the fleet management system using IoT Telematics solutions

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