Pre-Booking & Online Booking Platform For Connecting Customers & Auto Dealers At Scale

Case Study


The Client

The client is a leading global automotive manufacturer, looking to launch their latest product under the SUV segment. The product was the latest model in a highly popular series, which was one of the pioneers in the SUV segment in India and the first one built to enter the global market. The latest model had already gained considerable popularity pre-launch, as it was a completely indigenous product to be built by a homegrown manufacturer.

Project Objective

The client desired to build a scalable & responsive microsite to handle peak loads during the pre-booking and booking stage, for customers and dealers. The expected number of concurrent users were expected to be approximately 50 lakhs in an hour, visiting the site. The platform is used by three categories of users – end-users, dealers and client’s sales/admin team. 

Niveus helped the client by building an app with deep linking features to enable marketing-driven user acquisition and analytics with quota-based dynamic price updates, along with the total number of units for sale during the launch window, integrated with Payment Gateway (PayU), Email, SMS and WhatsApp for alerts.


Business Solution

  • Plan to build and deploy a scalable and responsive microsite to handle peak loads during the pre-launch and booking stage for end-users and dealers 
  • An admin panel is also  built and deployed for managing the launch application and viewing relevant data via dashboards and reports
  • The system will be integrated with Payment Gateway (PayU), Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics
  • Data captured in the system will be made available to external applications/databases via Cloud Pub/Sub along with excel file downloads


  • Front-end web application is built using ReactJS to ensure a single code base for easier development, deployment and to provide native-like performance across multiple UI platforms (mobile and desktop)
  • NodeJS is used for microservice based back-end applications to ensure scalability, performance and flexibility
  • Application is hosted on the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to ensure that the infra supports auto scaling, auto upgrades and repairs 
  • Cloud Spanner as the transactional database to ensure high performance, high availability and scale with no limits
  • Cloud Firestore as a flexible, scalable real-time database will be used to store non-transactional data
  • Cloud Memorystore is a fully managed Redis service for applications to achieve extreme performance by leveraging the highly scalable and available resources
  • Integrations with Payment Gateway (PayU), Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics is set up
  • Back-end REST API is built based on Microservices Design Patterns and back-end services for independently deployable microservices
  • Google Cloud Storage is used to store static contents of the application and will be served via a Cloudflare CDN using the global Cloud Load Balancer

Technology Stack

Cloud Spanner
Cloud Firestore
Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud Load Balancing
Cloud Functions
Cloud Pub/Sub
Cloud Memorystore
Cloud Armor

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