Axis My India Enabled Multilingual Access to 250 Million Households

A Super App developed in partnership with the Government of India to Disseminate Information for Public Consumption

Case Study


About the Client

Axis My India Limited is India’s foremost Consumer Intelligence Company, which believes in fueling data-driven decision-making. Axis My India has revolutionized the field of election polling with an accuracy rate of over 94%, and its research model is a Harvard Business School case study. With diversified offerings including but not restricted to psephology, consumer research, and the people empowerment platform ‘a’, Axis My India has a physical presence in 700+ districts and can mobilize engagement with all 250 million Indian households immediately. The company has a Vision – ‘To Connect and Resolve Problems of All 25 Crore Indian Households’.

Business Context

With a massive boom of the internet and smartphones, Axis My India wanted to empower citizens with authentic information and solutions based on their needs and aspirations. They wanted to provide a centralized platform that could consolidate various communications channels and offer a single channel for all the crucial information related to GOI’s new initiatives, schemes, job postings, surveys, and grievances. To pursue this goal, AMI sought a technology partner to help them develop a resilient platform with all the necessary information for public consumption. Axis My India aimed to develop a citizen-centric mobile app to provide information on career opportunities, social assistance schemes, day-to-day utilities, and healthcare.

The main challenge was developing a resilient and scalable platform encompassing information from various sources. The app should be able to scale and incorporate new features that might be required in the future. The platform has the humongous responsibility of performing when a massive number of Indian citizens access it, with the number of concurrent users reaching millions.

Niveus and Axis My India carried out a series of brainstorming sessions to understand the requirements and scale of the app to be developed. Considering its previous success in developing highly resilient and scalable super apps for different large businesses, Niveus recommended developing this app on Google Cloud Platform. The objective was to equip the desired app with the scalability and reliability that come with GCP, helping Axis My India easily meet the growing demands of its expanding user base.


The Solution

Niveus partnered with Axis My India to build a multilingual super-app for Android and iOS devices that provides users a wide range of services in multiple languages. The super-app is powered by Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities, enabling the app to learn from user behavior and provide more personalized recommendations. It aims to provide a seamless experience to more than 1.4 billion citizens of India.

  • The application frontend was developed using Flutter, while the backend was implemented using Node.JS. To ensure scalability and ease of deployment, the backend was containerized and hosted on the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster
  • We integrated the app with PaloAlto NGFW for North-South and East-West traffic inspection and enabled Security Command Center-Standard Tier for Security Health Analysis
  • Global Load Balancer was enabled for high availability, lower latency, and design redundancy
  • Static contents of the website were stored in Cloud Storage and  served via Cloud CDN using the Global Cloud Load Balancer 
  • Network security and Web Application Firewall (WAF) are implemented through Cloud Armor
  • Structured and semi-structured data was stored in BigQuery for further processing and analytics 
  • Data Ingestion was performed using Dataflow. Vertex AI was used to build ML models for development, training, evaluation, and deployment
  • Vision AI API endpoint was used for the preliminary level of vision-related tasks such as object identification, face detection, etc. 
  • Document AI API endpoint was used to handle and comprehend the documents uploaded to the portal 
  • Looker was used to create and test the dashboards on the data ingested into the GCP
  • Cloud Composer was used for all the orchestration-related tasks and all the trigger-based and sync-up functionalities

Key Value Delivered

  • The platform facilitates real-time transactions and supports two-way communication in multiple languages, guiding all Indian citizens
  • Enhanced accessibility to the information published by the Government of India for citizens across diverse linguistic backgrounds with support for up to 13 different languages

Customer Testimonial

Our experience with Niveus has been exceptional. The centralized data platform seamlessly integrated data from diverse sources, providing a comprehensive solution. The analytics dashboard and machine learning models have proven invaluable, offering actionable insights for informed decision-making. We commend the Niveus team for a job well done!

Girish UpadhyayChief Marketing Officer, Axis My India

Technology Stack

Cloud Composer
Document AI
Vertex AI
Vision AI
Cloud CDN
Global Cloud Load Balancer
Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud Storage
Cloud Armor

Develop a multilingual super-app that can handle millions of concurrent users and can scale as per the business requirements

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