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The Benefits

Detects & extracts relevant textual data

We built a Document AI solution with OCR capabilities for an improved billing management system for a digital startup

Expedites certificate & document verification

We expedited the online onboarding process for a leading private bank in India by automating their document verification process with our OCR solutions

Optimized for dense text and documents

A major global trade and technology company evaluated our OCR solution to process a wide range of source documents

Cuts down TAT on form filling for faster onboarding

We facilitated faster onboarding times for home loan applicants for a leading housing finance firm

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions help businesses automate their document processing, saving time and effort multifold. With Niveus’ OCR capabilities, businesses can quickly and accurately extract data from paper documents, images, and PDFs, and convert them into digital format for easy analysis and storage. With advanced machine learning algorithms that are capable of recognizing and understanding various fonts, languages, and document types, our customizable solution is tailored to suit specific needs and workflows. Whether you are looking to streamline your invoice processing, digitize your archives, or automate your data entry tasks, Niveus OCR is a reliable and efficient solution that can help you.

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