Solving For Data Analytics

We help you make better business decisions with the power of sophisticated and in-depth analytics. As a premium partner, we utilize the power of Google Cloud to help you realize the true value of your data. We deploy smart analytics to discover the story behind your data and uncover the truth. Niveus has helped many large organizations with complex processes and data silos in developing actionable, intuitive, and insightful dashboards.


Data Analytics

Know the tale that your numbers tell.

Data analytics allows organizations to turn large amounts of data into actionable insights, which can be used to inform decisions and improve performance. It is used to identify inefficiencies and blocks in processes, leading to cost savings and improved productivity. Data analytics can be used to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can help organizations improve customer experiences and increase customer loyalty, as well as optimize the performance of different processes, operations, and systems.

The Benefits

We enable enterprises to enhance their growth trajectory through the strategic utilization of analytics.

We enable businesses to accumulate and analyze all their data in different data silos to acquire useful insights.

Niveus help businesses in enhancing their data movements and integrations, through which they can get greater output, transparency, and scalability.

We help you harness comprehensive business analytics and intelligence solutions to power AI workloads at scale.

Utilizing advanced analytics, we help optimize the performance of different processes and improve customer experience.

Data Analytics with Google Cloud

We enable enterprises to accelerate business growth by effectively applying analytics.


Data is Our DNA

We are a team of 450+ certified engineering and data enthusiasts. We thoroughly analyze all accessible datasets to make certain that no concealed insights remain unnoticed.


Born in Cloud

Niveus is a cloud-native organization that has successfully executed 50+ cloud migrations and modernization projects. We deliver cloud projects with precision and agility.


Industry Knowledge

Our motivation stems from our deep industry expertise, which aids us in comprehending the data’s context and crucial industry-specific metrics for deriving pertinent insights.


Quality-focused Approach

We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 Certified company. Our service is distinguished by its commitment to delivering quality and punctuality. We strike a balance between quality and speed to assist you in fulfilling your speed-to-market requirement.

Data Analytics with Niveus

Top organizations across various sectors have partnered with Niveus to leverage our top-notch Data Analytics solutions. We have enabled businesses to establish the best data architecture and improve processing throughput. With our solutions, we facilitate businesses to fully utilize the huge potential of data and become an analytics-driven organization.


Niveus Services

We deploy a blend of statistical analysis, machine learning, and visualization methods to cleanse, categorize, and dissect extensive datasets, unveiling concealed insights in the process.

  • Demand Forecasting: We help you manage your inventory effectively with accurate demand forecasting. 
  • Churn Prediction: We estimate the likelihood of customer churn based on data models.
  • Power User Identification: Identify individual customers who have returned high value.
  • Propensity to Buy:  Select the best prospect among the existing leads.
  • Recommendation Engine: Select the best product in real time for known customers based on their past data.
  • Marketing Analytics: Find out the best way to spend your resources based on historical data.
  • Detect Anomalies in Data: Find suspicious transactions for detecting frauds.