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Optical Character Recognition Powered By Google’s Vision API

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been around for a long time. However, up until recently, it was time and effort intensive. Now, OCR has become more accessible and easier to use. In this blog, we’ll look at what OCR does and how it can help your business.


What is Optical Character Recognition?

Text recognition is a process of converting images to text and is one of the most common problems in computer vision, and there are many different approaches to solve it. Optical Character Recognition is a technology that allows us to extract text from images. It turns scanned paper documents into editable, searchable, and machine-readable files. 

How does image-to-text extraction work?

At Niveus, we use Google’s Vision API, a tool used to run character-based OCR programs, combined with Google’s Natural Language API to extract textual data from images and is capable of detecting entities and objects in the image. The solution is also capable of identifying the language of a text and even detecting handwriting on an image and other attributes.

Benefits of leveraging OCR with Google’s Vision API

Here are some top features that global businesses love about Niveus’ OCR solution: 

  • Detects and extracts useful and relevant textual data from any image: by combining with Google’s Natural Language API, the program can not only detect, but also extract the required data at scale.
  • Expedites certificate and document verification for video-KYC: By automating the process of data detection and extraction, document and certificate verifications can be expedited, saving time and effort for your business.
  • Optimized for dense text and documents such as PDFs: The program can work with ease through documents such as PDFs that are text heavy and at scale.
  • Integrates with existing and new applications:  The Vision API is so versatile that it can be integrated for a variety of applications. You can also use the Vision API to create a new application to help streamline as well as innovate your business processes. 

How Niveus’ OCR solution helps businesses

At Niveus, we integrated OCR technology to the existing insta services platform of a leading private bank in India to expedite their NRI customer verification and onboarding process. Form filling turnaround time was cut down by 50%. The technology also helped the bank to automate certificate verification of the UDYAM certificates uploaded by their customers. 

A leading housing finance company also leveraged our OCR solution for their newly-hosted GCP application, expediting their loan processing time and improving loan disbursement from 3% to 5%.  

OCR is an important task for businesses of all industries to automate. We would love to help you learn more about Optical Character Recognition and how it can help your company. Get in touch with us at

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