Apigee X Deployment For A Leading Payment Gateway Service Provider

Case Study


The Client

The client is a leading technology and service provider for the financial services industry.
It is a global full-stack PayTech company and an industry leader in payment security and digital payments, partnering with 130 banks across 25 Countries. It is the largest authentication service provider in India, and one of the world’s leading digital payment markets. It also offers solutions ranging from mobile payments, fraud and risk management, prepaid solutions, and a host of merchant and acquiring services.

Project Objective

Business Values – A key objective of this project was optimizing cost. Our client has a large service portfolio and has many API products available. We helped them to discover, manage, document, and monetize their API products faster. These products would allow them to monitor their online payment gateways. The client is keen to sell these APIs to customers for early integrations and build partners beyond the existing interfaces. 

To optimize the cost of developing and managing APIs, the client needed a partner to help them develop a strategy using Apigee implementations. These guidelines were provided to the agency and they worked with the client to create the API documentation and the API portal, which supports the API documentation, and the API catalog.


Business Solution

Niveus helped the client to set up Apigee X on Google Cloud and migrate the APIs from products such as prepaid cards and token hubs. The team created a subset of API products like Open Wallets, Semi-Closed Wallets, Closed Wallets from a single Wallet service. We also built a product-specific personalized journey with reduced operational effort for the client with our ApigeeX deployment.

  • As part of the Apigee X deployment, the client will now be able to build, scale and manage APIs within the Google Cloud-managed Apigee platform
  • Composite proxy enabled the client to offer the best pricing to the vendor on proxy usage
  • Apigee Analytics collects and calculates a wealth of information that flows through API proxies.
  • Alerts get triggered when unusual activities occur – such as spike arrest, error rate increase in count, server not reachable and helps to get immediate attention.


  • Apigee X requires two Google Cloud projects: one managed by the client and another one managed by Google for the Apigee X runtime. 
  • Each project uses its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network
  • VPC network peering will be setup to enable communication between the VPCs
  • Global external HTTPS load balancer will be used to communicate from the internet to the Apigee runtime

Technology Stack

Apigee Runtime
VPC Network
Egress Cloud NAT

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