Enabled Virtual Care For Thousands In The USA Through Innovative Application Of AI In Healthcare

Case Study


The Client

The Client Healthcare is transforming the landscape of care delivery by enabling virtual care through a synergy of health information technology, workflow engineering, and physician services.
HubMD, a client affiliate, provides professional services from first-rate, fully credentialed, licenced, board-certified specialist physicians who are committed to improving access to quality care, particularly for safety-net patients.

Project Objective

We made quality healthcare affordable and accessible to people over multiple geographies by developing a comprehensive Virtual AI Solution with curated information and care, enabling better healthcare decisions. We facilitated virtual care through innovative applications of AI in healthcare unlocking healthcare automation benefits such as real time virtual consultations.

Solution Considerations :

  • Accuracy and convenience: diagnose medical conditions and suggest appropriate care
  • Specializations borrowal from partners extending medical help
  • In physical appointments with specialists or emergency department within the patient’s network
  • All regulatory and compliance requirements

Solution Roadmap

Following were the challenges which had to be addressed to make the app a success:

  • Omnichannel Access to full range of services
  • Integration with existing clinical workflows
  • Addressing HIPAA compliance and other security considerations in Cloud.
  • Authorize and schedule face to face appointments with specialist, urgent care, or emergency department within the patient’s network
AI-driven application

Business Solution

  • An AI-driven application hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to support real-time text-based chat, audio-video calls and end-to-end encrypted digital file sharing for clinical documentation.

Application Highlights

  • Self Service Via Automated Diagnostic Questionnaire to prescribe apt care
  • Availability/Speciality based Auto-assignment of doctors
  • Chat enabled with Sharing of Confidential Documents with Doctor (image/ video/ Docs)
  • Real time Chat translations to doctor’s preferred language
  • Encrypted video calling with cloud storages
  • High Flexibility Admin configuration based on organizational preference
  • Generate/share conversations and diagnosis reports with doctors
  • Group chat/ call sessions allowing additional Doctors/ Family member additions for richer ailment context.
  • Care provider role switch enabled. (Ex: Doctor to Specialist)
  • Graphical dashboard for revenue/ schedules/ heatmap etc and automated consultation summaries.
  • HIPAA compliant and secure AES-256 encryption Platform.

The Impact

Enabled real time Virtual consulting for patients to avoid hospital visits during the Covid-19 pandemic’s challenging times.
Enabled Doctors with frictionless access to patient records for faster and accurate prescription.
Optimized hospital asset utilization during pandemic by reducing patient visits and hospitalisations in applicable scenarios.
Instated patient~doctor confidentiality by enabling e2e data encryption across all communication channels in line with HIPAA compliance

Technology Stack

Android/iOS native

Customer Testimonials

“The India team (Niveus) and our dedicated Afya India team worked hard and overcame their challenges during this pandemic. We visited with them right before everything shut down globallya. This type of adversity and managing the immense pressures of keeping clients happy, employees engaged, and business afloat. I believe that Niveus has been a great partner because they have worked with us to overcome challenges and deal with adversity. “Sometimes, adversity is what you need to face to become successful.” – Zig Ziglar”

Sajid AhmedCEO, WISE Healthcare

“Planning and execution are keys to success, while flexibility helps overcome the challenges we sometimes don’t expect. The pandemic is one of those barriers and problems that no one expected, and it affected our ability to achieve our plans. Flexibility, creative and positive attitudes helped bring us through to where we needed to be.”

Team WISE Healthcare

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