Solving For Cloud Security

Cloud security is a concern for all businesses, especially in this digital age when threats are massive. Niveus’ expert team of cloud engineers have been architecturing world-class gcp security solutions for our extensive clientele across the globe. With our Google Cloud security solutions, we help organizations gain sturdier security postures for their cloud assets by providing infrastructure assessments, architecture blueprints and tailored strategies.


Cloud Security With GCP

Cloud Security refers to protecting cloud-based systems and data from threats, attacks and other vulnerabilities through a set of technologies and services. As organizations expand their business to join the cloud, they inevitably become prone to risks such as malwares, denial of service (DoS) attacks, phishing, misconfiguration, hijacking of accounts, insecure interfaces and APIs and many more.

The Benefits

GCP security services open the door to many benefits. Here are some of the major ones.

Protection of cloud data, infrastructure and the entire cloud environment from all threats. Safety against possible internal threats and prevention of data loss . A cloud security solution provides constant support against attacks and threats, including continuous real-time monitoring at all the times

Cloud Security practices enables organizations to comply with the required regulatory measures. Industries such as financial institutions, ecommerce etc. have industry and governmental regulations to adhere to. Cloud security measures support regulatory compliance and protect consumers’ personal and financial data.

With a strong cloud security solution comes flexibility to scale as per the requirements.

Why Choose Google Cloud Security Solutions?


With Google Cloud security solutions, organizations can experience world-class infrastructure, security models and implementations, to meet their compliance and security goals with utmost success.

Google Cloud encrypts data at rest and data in transit between various GCP facilities. This data can only be accessed by people authorized and by services with audited access to encryption keys. Google Cloud’s approach to cloud security is completely transparent as they adhere to a concrete set of trust principles.

Google Cloud’s infrastructure, trusted worldwide, has secure-by-design features and built-in protection. The global network is built in an extremely secure manner to safeguard sensitive data. Built in layers, Google Cloud delivers in-depth security solutions. It also goes through independent verifications of privacy, compliance and security controls to make sure that the customer meets their regulatory requirements.

Cloud Security With Niveus

Providing top security solutions, Niveus helps organizations to adopt a holistic approach to cloud security. With us, you can get assessments, architecture blueprints and strategies to optimize security from our expert consultants. Niveus can help you ensure the highest level of data security, data integrity, confidentiality and availability while governing data usage. With Niveus, your core security and compliance requirements are taken care of completely. Our modern encryption algorithms enable the protection of data when stored as well as transmitted online.

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Niveus Services

Containerization of Application using Kubernetes: By building highly available and scalable Kubernetes clusters to manage, scale and orchestrate applications, Niveus helps organizations with containerization of applications. Database migration without disruption and downtime: Seamless migration from any environment to cloud without any disruption of services and with zero downtime. Building cloud-native applications, Serverless solutions: Niveus helps enterprises to build, deploy and operate highly-flexible cloud-based, serverless apps on an end-to-end platform. CI/CD, Canary Deployment: Canary deployment, automation of application testing and deployment process by developing and integrating CI/CD Pipelines using the DevOps principles.