GCP Infrastructure Setup For EatFit – An Online Food Delivery Service

Case Study


The Client

EatFit is an online food delivery service that focuses on healthy food, and is a flagship brand from the house of Curefoods, headquartered in Bangalore. The company aims to have nourishing and nutritious food made available to everyone, and to promote healthy eating habits that can be shared among various communities.

Project Objective: Infrastructure Setup (GCP)

Business Value – EatFit was looking to migrate from AWS to GCP,  in order to leverage the benefits of Google Cloud Platform, which includes reduced cost consumption, meeting business needs such as robust security for mitigated risk, fine-tuned customer experience, improved quality and streamlined operations.

Niveus helped EatFit as an extended team by setting up the GCP infrastructure needed to ensure a successful migration. Niveus also helped in setting up a secure landing zone design on GCP to help them leverage a secure environment with a standardized set of best practices in cloud infrastructure deployment.


Business Solution

The project involved staging and production of migrating 24 applications and 4 Databases. 

  • GCP Infrastructure setup, a part of the Resource Hierarchy configuration, helps in managing the identity and resource of the user
  • Setup a strong cloud foundation with secure, scalable, modular, and easy to access resources
  • The Niveus team followed a sprint based strategy to deploy the solutions 
  • The application code repository is hosted in GitHub, while Github Artifactory is mainly responsible for managing container images

The team’s responsibilities include setting up infrastructure and application migration to cloud.

infrastructure migration case study


  • The requests coming from the users of EatFit application were routed through the Global Load Balancing to the application hosted in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This will ensure that the requests are evenly distributed and the response time is quick
  • Cloud Armor was used as defense against DDoS and application attacks
  • Google Cloud Content Delivery Network(CDN) was used to cache the static content hosted in Google Cloud Storage
  • Pub/Sub was used as a queuing service for the EatFit application
  • The data from the application was sent into Memorystore Redis for Session Storage and caching
  • Cloud SQL and MySQL was used for storing transactional data
  • Cassandra Astra DB was implemented for storing time series data
  • MongoDB Atlas was leveraged for storing user data and Cloud Storage for Object storage

The Impact

This is one of the biggest migration in the GCP infrastructure setup consisting of 53 applications
Google Cloud Content Delivery Network(CDN) is used to cache the static content hosted in Google Cloud Storage
Pub/Sub helped the client as a queuing service for the EatFit application

Technology Stack

Google Kubernetes Engine
Google Cloud CDN
Cloud Storage
Cloud SQL
Cloud Memorystore
MongoDB Atlas
Astra DB
Cloud Load Balancing

Customer Testimonials

"Niveus worked as an extended team and not as an external vendor. The team did everything and more to ensure successful migration. Hard work, dedication and focus to deliver good work was throughout the engagement. Niveus is certainly a go-to option for us and we are extremely happy that we worked with Niveus. I recommend Niveus for all those who are considering GCP migration, they have necessary people and attitude to deliver great work"

Pradeep SreeramHead Of Engineering - EatFit.in

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