RDS to Cloud SQL Migration for leading Ad Tech company

Case Study


The Client

The client is a leading monetization and hyperlocal co-op marketing platform, helping marketplaces and brands across industry verticals to unlock exponential growth trajectories. The platform hosts a comprehensive suite of apps converging advertising, marketing and demand planning for retailers and brands respectively.

Project Objective

Buisness Value: Niveus facilitated the migration by providing the equivalent of all services that were consumed by the client on its CSP and also helped them with cloud cost optimizations and replacements, wherever necessary.

The client required a strategic partnership with secured cloud for infrastructure migration from AWS to GCP. The client partnered with Niveus in migrating a portion of its workloads, which was on another Customer Service Point (CSP) to GCP. The team used different database migrations at various stages, including migration of RDS to Cloud SQL, migration of MongoDB from AWS VM to MongoDB Atlas and migration of AWS ElasticSearch to Elastic Cloud.


Business Solution

  • Niveus assisted the client to build a GCP equivalent of its AWS architecture
  • Benchmarked the performance parameters of the architecture and ensured that these are met or exceeded on GCP


  • The requests coming from the users is routed to the application hosted in GCE/GKE through Global Load Balancer along with the Cloud Armor being used for filtering malicious attacks and Cloud DNS being used for DNS resolution
  • Google Cloud CDN is also configured with the load balancer to serve content closer to users, which accelerates the websites and applications
  • The associated data from the application will then be ingested into the persistent layer that consists of Cloud SQL, Memorystore Redis and Apache Solr with RDS migration  to Cloud SQL
  • The Push logs/commands from the application layer are transported to the ETL layer that comprises of confluent Kafka and Cloud Pub/Sub that further loads the required data to the transformation layer that includes 200 offline services 
  • The transformation layer further makes API requests to the load Layer and also uploads required CSV data in batch process
  • Cloud Composer will be configured for Data Orchestration and for batch upload of data to BigQuery

The Impact

Response time of the Reporting API has improved
Response time of Adserver has improved

Technology Stack

Cloud Storage
Compute Engine
Cloud Memorystore
Cloud SQL
Cloud Pub/Sub
Cloud Dataproc
Cloud Composer

Customer Testimonial

"We've been evaluating GCP for a while now, and we've decided to proceed with migration of the prime application to GCP. During our evaluation period we've found the technical tooling, documentation, resources and capabilities of the GCP platform to be impressive and we're excited to leverage GCP capabilities to further improve our services.

I would also like to highlight and thank you, your team and Niveus' team for their support throughout the whole process. It helped us a lot in our evaluation process. I look forward to your continued support in this process”

Customer's Testimonial

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