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Breaking Ground with Google Cloud Expertise

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We have accelerated our journey in achieving Google-approved ‘expertise’ in areas such as modernizing applications, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, and more. By going above and beyond in projects that require depth in specialties, we expanded our hands-on experience and knowledge in strategic areas of cloud computing, gaining us the experience required to make us a leading Google Cloud Partner with multiple expertise.

Expertise We Have Accomplished So Far


Google Cloud provides expertise in three key areas, namely Industry, Technology / Product, and Solution. Partners who work adequately in bringing in cloud computing to organizations and elevating the way organizations function with GCP, gain specific expertise available in each segment.


We now hold 6 Google-approved Industry expertise, namely –

  1. Media & Entertainment
  2. Healthcare & Life Sciences
  3. Automotive Industry 
  4. Financial services
  5. Cloud Natives
  6. Small & Medium Business


We have gained 8 Technology / Product expertise in the product/technology segment. They are –

  1. Google Cloud Networking
  2. Google Cloud Storage & Delivery
  3. Google Cloud Identity & Security
  4. Google Cloud Compute
  5. Google Cloud Databases
  6. Google Cloud App Dev & Monitoring
  7. Other Cloud Technologies
  8. Google Cloud Onboarding


Niveus has also gained 15 Solution expertise thanks to the innovative solutions developed by our engineering team. They include –

  1. New Business Channels using APIs
  2. Modernize Legacy Applications
  3. Custom-built app migration
  4. Cloud Native Application Development
  5. Data Lake Modernization
  6. Mobile Application Development
  7. Remote Monitoring
  8. Asset Tracking
  9. Data Integrations
  10. Identity & Device Management
  11. Improve Software Delivery Pipeline
  12. Streaming Data Analytics
  13. Content Delivery
  14. Data Processing 
  15. Application Security

Niveus Specializations & Expertise – What’s Next?


We plan to gain more specializations and expertise this year. As our client roster grows in volume and weight, we are looking forward to the ground-breaking solutions we will create, leveraging innovative products and technology, and entering new industries and geographies, where we can make our mark as a leading Google Cloud Partner.


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