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Asynchronous Messaging Services With Google Cloud Pub/Sub

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Two of the most important aspects of an app are real-time analytics and real-time messaging. Real-time messaging allows users to be notified instantly about important events and real-time analytics allows the business to see the effects of our changes. Both these aspects are important and we’ll look at how we can integrate GCP products with Google Cloud Pub/Sub to leverage real-time messaging in your apps.

Integrate Pub/Sub with Google Cloud products to create a fully featured messaging system.

Cloud Pub/Sub is a system that allows you to send and receive messages asynchronously. This means that you can create systems where publishers can communicate with subscribers without having to wait for a response. This can be useful for streaming analytics and data integration pipelines, or for messaging-oriented middleware for service integration or queueing tasks.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub : building asynchronous messaging tools

Cloud Pub/Sub helps businesses with multiple use cases. These include aiding ingestion of user interaction and server events, real-time event distribution, replicating data among databases, enterprise event bus, data streaming from applications, services, or IoT devices, refreshing distributed caches, load balancing for reliability. 

Your data can be piped through a pipe that is broken up into two parts: Publisher and Subscriber. Publisher is a component responsible for writing data to the Kafka topic, while Subscriber is a component responsible for reading data from Kafka topic. You can partition the data by using a topic. The Publisher is responsible for creating the message and sending it to the Subscriber. The Publisher can be a complicated system utilizing many different nodes. The Subscriber is a way to receive a copy of the message. The Subscriber is a much more simple system consisting of only a couple of parts. It is a complex system consisting of a few parts.

Why is Google Cloud Pub/Sub a good solution for dealing with real-time messaging?

Pub/Sub has many integrations with other Google Cloud products to create a fully featured messaging system. This makes it a good fit for those on GCP, or using GCP products:

  • Stream processing and data integration are two very important aspects of data management.  The user interaction events from end-user apps or server events from your system, can be managed by Pub/Sub. You can then use a stream processing tool, such as Google Cloud Dataflow, which delivers the events to databases, such as BigQuery and data lakes on Cloud Storage. The Pub/Sub and Dataflow User Interfaces in the Google Cloud console offer Dataflow templates for moving data from Pub/Sub to cloud storage, BigQuery, and other products. You can also integrate with Apache Spark, particularly when managed with Dataproc. Data Fusion lets you visually compose integration and processing pipelines running on Spark + Dataproc.
  • Monitoring, alerting and logging are all supported by Pub/Sub products. This allows for a more efficient way to keep track of everything, and also makes it easier to find and fix problems when they occur.
  • OAuth authentication is used by Pub/Sub and other Google Cloud products. IAM enables granular access control for individual resources.
  • APIs are a great way for Pub/Sub services to communicate with each other. They use standard gRPC and REST service API technologies, along with client libraries for several languages. This makes it easy for developers to work with Pub/Sub services, and makes it easier to integrate them into existing applications.
  • Cloud Pub/Sub offers you the ability to push messages to webhooks in the form of HTTP POST requests. You can then use those messages to automate workflows using Cloud Functions or other similar products.
  • Orchestration is a key element in Pub/Sub-based serverless workflows. Big Data and analytics orchestration is commonly done with Cloud Composer, which supports Pub/Sub triggers. You can also integrate Pub/Sub with Application Integration (Preview), an Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution. Application Integration provides a Pub/Sub trigger to trigger or start integrations.
  • Integration Connectors are a helpful tool that lets you connect to different types of data sources. With connectors, both Google Cloud services and third-party business applications are available to you through a standard interface. This makes it easy to use Pub/Sub in your integrations.

From a developer’s viewpoint Pub/Sub is valuable for building real-time messaging into applications. If you want to build a reliable messaging protocol, Pub/Sub can help you build it quickly and scale it out with ease. Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging service that can help you build scalable and reliable client-server applications.

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