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Here’s How Niveus Is Solving for Equality At Workplace

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solving for equality

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, it was an atmosphere of festivities at Niveus. Activities were held throughout the day to celebrate the women in our team. There was a special session by Google Cloud’s Sarah Razvi, who drives Strategic Partnerships in India and APAC region. She shared with us learnings and insights from her journey and inspired us to go after our dreams. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to listen to and learn from her.

Technology is a space that is traditionally dominated by men. Globally the number of women in tech is about 25%. In India women representation in technology is around  34%. We are proud to announce that Niveus surpasses local and global norms. Women make up 47% of our team! In fact, there are women leading at every level—from entry to board—in our organization. This is a remarkable gender representation for any organization in today’s world, leave alone a niche tech player such as us. 

Niveus’ team is made of men and women coming from all walks of life—belonging to different cultures, places, and backgrounds. Since its genesis, Niveus has been able to successfully achieve gender diversity and maintain it throughout these years. In our organization, we embrace and celebrate diversity and practice it at all levels and areas. 

Along with gender diversity, gender inclusivity is also practised in our workspace. Roles are assigned to individuals purely based on their merit.  There is no segregation or bias based on gender stereotypes at our workplace. 

The education hubs, Udupi, Manipal and Mangalore are home to many intelligent minds. But, due to lack of opportunities, many gifted individuals end up settling for less, giving up their dream career or move to metro cities. This acts as a hindrance, especially for women. Many women in Niveus overcame such difficulties and today are anchors of our success. 

Here is what the women of our team had to say about Niveus: 

These experiences truly mirror Niveus’ culture.  A male member of our team shared the following words: “You need to have inequality to discuss equality, you need to have a glass ceiling to discuss how to break it. When you don’t even need to have these discussions is when we know we are moving in the right direction.” 

We hope the day when the world at large starts moving in the right direction is not very far away!

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