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Introducing Niveus’ Groundbreaking Virtual Assistant

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As Niveus is moving forward into transforming digital workspaces, leveraging virtual assistance has been a rather obvious next step, to add a greater degree of convenience in the day-to-day work life at our organization. We at Niveus are constantly working to build innovative solutions, to automate operations, and reduce tedious tasks for our workforce. By taking cumbersome tasks off the hands of the operations team, we aim to refocus their time and efforts on ensuring smooth running of the office operations.

Our AI-enabled virtual assistant has been a success, facilitating operations, and enhancing employee management services. The friendly virtual assistant takes care of various daily organizational activities to bring operational ease for employees.

A Snapshot of the Virtual Assistant

With  new age features such as voice recognition and real-time communication capabilities, the virtual assistant is helping the organization stay ahead of the curve. The application allows the assistant to be viewed in 360 degrees to give employees an interactive life-like experience. The service includes a whole host of features such as greeting visitors, log complaints / suggestions, book employee preferences and more.

Let’s dive into details of each functionality:

1. Handles courier/food deliveries/visitors Including candidates who arrive at our office to give interviews.

The Virtual assistant listens to the instructions given by the users. You can also initiate conversation by tapping the ‘click-to-talk’ button. The virtual assistant follows through on the user’s voice commands and allows the user to specify the purpose of their visit following up on prompts suggested, such as ‘visitor’, ‘interview’ and ‘e-commerce’. The visitor can then confirm their identity by providing their name as well as the name of the employee they wish to meet. Alternatively, the user can use touch functionality for the same purposes.

Push To Talk Feature – Talking

State The Name and Specify The Purpose Of The Visit

Push To Talk Feature – Listening

2. Lodge Complaint: While using this feature, users can submit complaints and feedback related to the organization with the virtual assistant. You can lodge your complaint/feedback anonymously or by entering your name, employee ID, and department, after you have articulated your complaint/feedback by text or voice.

Lodge Complaint Feature

3. Pre-book Lunch: We at Niveus believe in sustainability and integrating zero waste in our resource management. Employees and contractors can pre-book their lunch orders with the virtual assistant with this feature. The main objective behind this is to get the exact count of the number of meals resulting in reducing waste. 

Lunch Feature

Apart from the above mentioned features, the application is also integrated with our HRMS, enabling instantaneous synchronization with calls, SMS and Whatsapp. 

The application is a new milestone for Niveus in improving our digital spaces. As the project is brand-new, more features are in the pipeline to enhance the user experience and increase the usefulness of this application. We have been able to run our offices without need for a physical receptionist in the last 3 months. In future, we plan to add more such features to make the experience of our employees and visitors much better. We are looking forward to modernizing Niveus operations further and driving digital transformation internally and externally. Stay tuned for updates on our progress.

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