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Built for Scale – Introducing Niveus Asset Tracker – Complete Asset Management Solution

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Most of the companies do not have a proper way to track their assets. This process is manual and expensive, it takes a lot of time to fill forms manually and submit them to the vendor or management software. Our proprietary software, Asset Tracker will simplify your asset management, help you manage end-to-end lifecycle of assets, and provide custom detailed reports as needed.

How Our Asset Tracking System Works

The asset management process of most organizations is a blur of emails, spreadsheets, paper forms and complicated web portals. This can take up a large chunk of your working hours, and can be both monotonous as well as cumbersome to manage.  Finding a way to simplify your asset management process is key to freeing up your time to focus on more core functions within your organization. Niveus’ asset tracker software helps administration and operations teams to simplify the asset management processes across the organization.

Niveus’ built-for-scale platform works by directory login and role-based access. The tracker allows employees to raise requests, track their assets and report issues. Managers can approve / reject requests as well as track assets in use by employees. Asset approval / rejection / processing and allocation can be carried out by central coordinators. Helpdesk engineers can process, return or cancel requests, as well as auto-fetch and scan asset details.  Asset coordinators can process / return requests as well as execute bulk transfers and track deliveries. Vendors can list deliveries that are ready and accept damage service requests on their own vendor portal.

Why You Need an IT Asset Tracking System

If your goal is to save time, money and effort, an asset tracking system is a perfect option. It can help better organize your assets workflow – from laptops, to PCs, to other devices. Our platform is able to track the condition of your assets, which allows you to know when it needs to be fixed, and to what extent it needs to be fixed. Asset tracker is also capable of tracking the location of your assets, so in the case that one is stolen or destroyed, you’ll get to know immediately. The system also allows organizations to monitor and manage their assets, ensuring operational efficiency and cost optimization.

Niveus’ Asset Tracker – The Complete Asset Management Platform

  • The asset tracker platform helps manage, monitor and track organizational assets.
  • The platform also creates detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports about your assets.
  • The platform can be connected to your existing systems and it does all the work for you, no configuration needed.
  • The platform not only simplifies, but also improves and elevates your asset management process.
  • The platform streamlines your workflow and renders real-time insights into the status of your assets.
  • The platform has an active directory login and role based access, letting employees, managers, coordinators and engineers access as per need.

Other Features:

Besides the impressive range of functions the tracker provides, here are some of the other features that organizations can leverage to save time and costs.

  • Store desk module
  • Physical verification app
  • Asset view access
  • Asset vendor portal
  • AV upload
  • Schedulers
  • Admin master and emailers
  • Reports

We’re excited to provide you with more information on our product. To determine if it could be a good fit for your company, please don’t hesitate to email us at


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