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Google Cloud Business Case Studies – Singapore  – Products, Services, & Use Cases

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Google Cloud has been very popular recently, especially within the APAC region. Its features and reliability is at the top of the list. The cloud service provider is on a mission to build a more helpful and accelerate a better way of working. They can help businesses in Singapore build, run, and grow their business. Not just that, but it will also do so in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. With this, let’s explore how the cloud platform can be of great value to businesses in Singapore. Here, we will be looking into some of the Google Cloud business cases in Singapore.

Google Cloud Platform in Singapore

Singapore, with its highly penetrated public cloud market in the APAC region is expected to grow at 20% CAGR to US$3.5 billion by 2023. Singapore’s investment in the public cloud at 0.4% of the GDP, is one of the largest public cloud spending-to-GDP ratios. 

A majority of big businesses in Singapore have begun to utilize cloud storage or computing in some way, and are starting to explore more sophisticated applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The SaaS model currently dominates the market, with 45% share, but since there is growing interest in operating advanced applications through the cloud, the Platform as a Services (PaaS) model is projected to have the most growth at 25% before 2023.  

The GCP platform is made up of the GCP products and services, including Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Cloud Datastore, Cloud DNS, Cloud Networking, Cloud Security, and so on. 

GCP business use cases & success stories

So you’ve got a great startup idea, or maybe you’re a mid-range company that has been around for a few years, or maybe you’re a generational conglomerate that has spawned over multiple industries. Now what?

For startups dealing with proprietary technology and application ideas, choosing the right technology stack is crucial – you don’t want to waste limited resources on significant refactoring tasks or rewriting your application code a few months down the line. 

As a mid-range business, you might be looking to extend your roots and branch out into new business lines and ventures or diversify your products and services. And as a conglomerate or large enterprise you might be looking for ways to streamline your business landscape and manage your organization with the most efficient technology and services.

Google Cloud business cases span across all sizes of businesses and industries, bringing marked digital transformation to the country. Here are some of the Google Cloud business cases –

  • Niveus built a cloud application solution that could be used on multiple platforms with a secure process for automatically delivering code changes for a Singapore-based Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and payment startup, which helped them get their product to market faster
  • Niveus also looked at how another client, a Singapore-based market leading AI-powered technology solutions provider, manages their core & customer repositories, as well as their continuous delivery processes to offer suggestions on how they could improve their current procedures
  • We are also helping a major technology company specialized in global trade, to leverage our OCR software in Singapore. The solution will improve their permit and bills processing system for faster automated processing, better scalability and versatility to cope with wide ranging source documents
  • A Singapore based consultancy firm focused on the development of Indo-China markets, leveraged Google technologies for a solution to secure company emails and files and improve collaboration across the two countries via Drive and Hangouts
  • A leading photonics startup migrated their customized web application to GCP for gaining key benefits including demonstrating prototype data of the web application on Google Cloud

GCP products and services 

Google Cloud Platform is a set of nearly 200 cloud services. Virtual machines provide plenty of computing power for any application development project. PaaS tools like Kubernetes make it easy to get apps up and running quickly. Cloud databases and storage make it easy to keep all your data in one place. Big Data analytics services can help you make sense of it all. And pre-trained Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models can give you a head-start on adding smart features to your apps.

If you’re working on a mobile app, one platform you might want to consider is Firebase. It has services that are based on GCP and they’re dedicated to building apps, releasing them, and monitoring them. With Firebase you can develop native apps for Android and iOS, as well as Progressive Web Apps. 

Firebase services should take the burden off developers’ shoulders. They are like ready-made blocks that allow faster creation of an efficient application. Available cloud tools include:

  • Accelerated hosting backed by a global CDN
  • Real-time NoSQL database for immediate storing and syncing data between users
  • Machine learning features with ready-to-use APIs
  • Set of physical and virtual mobile devices available online to remotely test an app
  • A system of tracking crashes and collecting information about OS and device on which an error has occurred
  • Solutions to send push notifications as well as targeted and contextual messages inside an app
  • An option to run A/B tests and analyze users’ behavior on comprehensive dashboards
  • A service that enables introducing changes to an app without releasing a new version

With the different modules and products available from Google Cloud, it is easier than ever to get started on cloud and see immediate results. Businesses in Singapore have begun to embrace cloud technologies with Google Cloud Platform being one of the top choices, as it provides the right tools and the right price.

If you’d like to know how you can drive your own success story with Niveus & GCP, email us at

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