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Cloud Security in Singapore – A Big Concern and How Niveus Helps

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Singapore, being the hub of innovation and technology, is one of the most prominent cloud adopters globally. But like everything else, it has its fair share of hurdles and challenges to overcome. With the increased interest in cloud computing, cyber-criminals have also been eyeing the space. Let’s Singapore, being the hub of innovation and technology, is one of the most prominent cloud adopters globally.

Cloud cyber security in Singapore 

The global cyber security market is growing exponentially. Valued at around $185 billion in 2021 – the market is projected to stand at $244.3 billion by 2030. 

A survey conducted among Singapore’s businesses to investigate their security and the kind of threats they are facing, showed a sobering result. 82% of respondents mentioned that attacks have increased between the years 2020 to 2021 as a result of work from home and hybrid work environments. 3.3 breaches on average were reported per organization within the 2020- 2021 bracket with 68% mentioning a material breach. 12.5% of all breaches were identified as ransomware attacks. 

With the rising intensity and range of cyber attacks across the globe, owing largely to the rise of e-commerce platforms and cloud proliferation, the security market’s growth is signaling  Singapore’s businesses to gear up their security arsenal including advanced cyber security solutions for cyber attack detection, mitigation, and data-loss risk reduction. 

Cloud security in Singapore – Overview

Technology is of real importance to Singapore. Cloud-based tools, such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT, and smart systems, are playing a big role in transforming Singapore into an innovation-led economic powerhouse. It helps make life easier for citizens and create new jobs that further boost the country’s economy. Fortifying these digital transformations to withstand the tests of digital crimes is imperative for building a successful cloud ecosystem.

While cloud environments have enormous benefits, they also have unique security challenges. Companies are storing valuable and critical information in the cloud, and hence need to ensure that their cloud data is secure. Many organizations are looking for ways to protect sensitive data as it moves from its origin to the cloud and from one cloud provider to another.

Organizations that have their applications and infrastructure on cloud need to ensure that their assets are not vulnerable to attacks. GCP partners such as Niveus provide Google Cloud security solutions that are built from a solid foundation of GCP’s in-house security strategy and continue to provide users with the same security that Google uses for their own in-house operations. The GCP tech stack for defenses include protection for your information, identities, applications, and devices. 

Multi-Tier Cloud Security standards & GCP

As the cloud began gaining prominence in Singapore, the Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC), began to take an interest in cloud computing security and to standardize the best practices when it comes down to protecting information held on private and public servers. The first standards they came up with dealt specifically with Software as a Service platforms, but in 2009 they expanded their body of work by introducing Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS). This set of guidelines is for enterprise compliance and for working closely with their clients in order to safeguard private data from any unnecessary breaches that may occur.

An audit conducted by an independent MTCS Certifying Body approved Google Cloud to  receive its Tier 3 MTCS certification for its services bringing reliability and resiliency for high-impact information.  The data that Niveus helps you store on GCP servers is in safe hands. The data you store on cloud gets put through a virtually unbreakable tunnel to ensure that anyone out there looking for sensitive material will never get close enough to violate your privacy. Encrypted by default at rest and in-transit, businesses can rest assured that their data will not fall into the wrong hands. 

Google Cloud security solutions include security foundation, risk and compliance codes, security analytics and operations, resilience frameworks, and web app and API protection. 

GCP security products fall mainly over three categories – security, access and controls, and user protection services. 

Security: GCP entails an impressive roster of security tools including Access Transparency,  Assured Workloads, Binary Authorization, Chronicle, Cloud Asset Inventory, Cloud Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Intrusion Detection System, Cloud Key Management, Confidential Computing, firewalls, Secret Manager, Shielded VMs, Security command center , and VPC controls. 

Identity and Access Control: GCP brings a large array of identity and access control management products. The products include BeyondCorp Enterprise, Certificate Authority service, Cloud Identity, Identity and Access Management, Identity-Aware Proxy, Identity Platform, Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory, Policy Intelligence, Titan Security Key, and Resource Manager.  

User protection services: For user protection, GCP tools include reCAPTCHA Enterprise and Web Risk 

Niveus in action

Niveus provides security as an in-built foundational operation for all of our solutions. Our work with GCP products allow us to secure all cloud products and services that businesses are looking to implement within their organization. With Niveus, you can get security features that make your business – cyber crime resilient without added complexity. Our in-depth knowledge on the best practices and ability to match the right solutions for the specific customer requirement helps us to deliver robust security systems for all our projects. 
Google Cloud is the ideal solution to keep cloud assets safe. If you would like to find out how Niveus can help secure your company’s cloud assets please email us at

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