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Google Cloud Security Products, Services, And More

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Security remains a core component of any digital transformation strategy. It is a concern for all companies with data of any kind, but it is even more important when your company stores data online in the cloud. Let us look at Google Cloud security products & services that help in building a resilient, failproof front against threats on cloud, ensuring a wide range of security solutions for organizations

Top 5 reasons to trust Google Cloud’s security

Tried and tested: Since GCP security systems are built on top of Google’s own infrastructure and organizational security model, they provide security services that have been rigorously tested and proven by the requirements of a global caliber organization that Google is. 

Proactive: With any venture into the world of information security, threats are everywhere.  It is difficult to predict where or when they might show up. With Google Cloud security solutions proactively reinforcing areas of vulnerability, allows organizations to stay safe . 

Layered security: GCP provides the layers of security required for building a truly impenetrable defense by combining multiple products offered by Google Cloud.

Regulatory compliance: The compliance resource center provided by Google Cloud enables search by framework, region, or industry to find which Google Cloud services are approved for your specific use case and help support your compliance. Additionally, the Security Command Center Premium features a dashboard for overview and provides downloadable compliance reports of your starting posture after deployment.

Organization size-specific security guidelines: GCP provides guidelines for security admins, for organizations of any size from small business owners to IT admin for a large enterprise. 

Google Cloud security products

Google Cloud Platform’s security features cover a range of products and services such as Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Load Balancing, Encryption, G Suite applications etc. 

Here’s a run-through on the GCP security solutions available for web applications and API management – 

Cloud Armor protects cloud applications from denial of service and filters external web requests. It also functions as a full-fledged Web Application Firewall (WAF), and prevents any web attacks.

reCAPTCHA Enterprise defends your website against automated bot-based attacks with an adaptive risk analysis engine, preventing fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse like scraping, credential stuffing, and automated account creation.

Apigee builds security into your APIs in minutes and can more accurately distinguish between valid and invalid API traffic with features to control traffic, enhance performance, and enforce security. 

Security Command Center is the security and risk management platform for Google Cloud. The platform brings benefits including centralized visibility and control to discover misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, compliance maintenance reports and threat detection against GCP assets

In addition to these solutions, GCP also provides key infrastructure security solutions – 

Operational and device security: GCP proactively scans deployed infrastructure for vulnerability, and prevents malware infection using manual and automated scanners. With its security monitoring, GCP aggregates and stores all security telemetry data for analysis and includes incident management structured around the NIST guidance. 

Internet communication: GCP’s encryption service ensures that no third party can eavesdrop on your data transferred over public cloud whether in-transit or at rest. The facilities in which GCP works, have the infrastructure to not allow any kind of cyber attack from getting through, including denial-of-service attacks. 

Identity: Specialized services like Identity Authentication Management have been integrated into software solutions to ensure complete user and service protection across the organization. Access to sensitive data whether by employee or other users require verification with advanced tools such as security keys making it phishing-resistant. 

Storage services: Not only is the infrastructure encrypted but also its storage! Data is encrypted at rest as soon as it’s uploaded and sent to multiple storage locations instead of a single source for better availability and reliability. 

Hardware infrastructure: Web applications exist under extreme loads, and Google’s servers are specifically engineered to keep up with the needs of your business. All Google Compute Engine instances come equipped with custom-built server configurations and built-in security systems on heavy duty, enterprise-grade hardware. This configuration is ideal for running web apps which require advanced protection against threats.

If you would like to learn more about how to build a robust cloud security strategy and the measures that Google Cloud Platform takes, to protect your cloud assets, mail us at

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