HDFC ERGO Developed a Sales Super App for 1.5 Lakh+ Insurance Advisors

Boosted Efficiency, Conversion Rates, and Earnings for Increased Client Revenue

Case Study


About the Client

HDFC ERGO has been serving the general insurance needs of millions of Indians since 2002. The company was promoted by the erstwhile Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (HDFC), India’s premier Housing Finance Institution and ERGO International AG, the primary insurance entity of Munich Re Group. Consequent to the implementation of the Scheme of Amalgamation of HDFC with and into HDFC Bank Limited (Bank), one of India’s leading private sector banks, the Company has become a subsidiary of the Bank. Subsequent rounds of mergers and acquisitions created transformational synergies alongside increasingly complex hybrid IT systems in need of one unifying cloud layer.

Business Context

India’s financial sector witnessed substantial expansion, and HDFC ERGO is at the forefront, offering insurance products and personalized customer experiences through digital platforms. The company sought an alternative solution for insurance advisors, aiming to enhance their efficiency, earnings, and overall revenue. 


The primary challenge involved in developing a digital platform for over 1.5 lakh advisors is addressing their various requirements and developing features for recruitment and onboarding management, advisory referral, lead management, source management, automated personalisation sales aids, quote generation, policy insurance, claim filing and management, as well as service/support. The existing system fell short of adequately catering to the diverse needs and expectations of the advisors, impeding their capacity to provide comprehensive data on efficiency, earnings, and overall revenue generation.  


Considering their previous experience of delivering resilient and scalable super apps for businesses on Google Cloud, Niveus suggested using the Google Cloud stack to develop a comprehensive Sales Super App designed specifically for insurance advisors, with the goal of optimising their workflows and elevating operational efficiency to new heights.


The Solution

The super app developed is a single-window solution for all the needs of an insurance advisor – from managing claims, renewals, issuing quotes, and monitoring their own performance among peers to getting curated insights to improve their performance and earnings. The project, characterised by its high complexity and stringent timelines, involved three teams concurrently working on different modules.

  • The application was built with Flutter for the front-end and Node.js/Spring Boot for the back-end, following a microservices architecture. Backend microservices included various functionalities such as recruitment and onboarding, lead management, etc
  • Front-end and back-end services were containerized and deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) through a CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins)
  • The architecture utilised Google Load Balancer with Cloud Armor as the web application firewall, providing DDoS protection, rule-based policies, and geography-based access controls
  • An ETL layer was built with Cloud Composer for authoring, scheduling, and monitoring data pipelines 
  • Integration with various Google Cloud products facilitated seamless data orchestration. Data was ingested from Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and consumer platforms for generating insights 
  • The reporting layer was built on Google Analytics (web) and GCP Operations suite – Monitoring. Integration with data visualization software like QlikSense enabled customised dashboards
  • Endpoints included back-end systems, middleware, ETL, analytical, and reporting services
  • Logging, tracing, and monitoring of infrastructure logs were enabled with GKE, Cloud Logging, and Cloud Monitoring

Key Value Delivered

  • Launched Sales Super App, benefiting 1.5 lakh+ insurance advisors, boosting efficiency, conversion rates, and earnings for increased client revenue
  • This is first of a first-of-a-kind solution in the Insurance Industry in India and is now a case study for other leading Insurance companies that are trying to replicate this solution
  • Niveus received recognition as the “Best Partner in Agility” by HDFC ERGO in 2023

Business Impact


app downloads on iOS and Android in the first 6 months


ratings from app users


logins on the web version


Home page visits


loyal users

Customer Testimonial

Since its launch, the app has received an overwhelming response. In the first six months, it has been downloaded more than 27,000 times across iOS and Android platforms. This achievement really shines a light on how strong and reliable our shift to digital has been, all thanks to the incredible folks at Niveus Solutions. They've been right there with us, helping us dream bigger and reach higher than we ever thought possible in our digital journey. Their commitment to quality work and always putting the customer first has been a game-changer in hitting our digital goals.

Anubhab GoelHead of Digital Transformation - HDFC ERGO General Insurance

Technology Stack

Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud Alloy Database
Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Operations Suite
Container Registry
Cloud IAM
Global Load Balancer
Cloud CDN
Cloud Armor

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