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Cross-platform App Development  With FlutterFlow – Build Next Generation Digital Experiences

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As the demand for faster and better apps that can create a competitive advantage for organizations increases, one of the most important things for businesses is to build next generation digital experiences. Here we will look at FlutterFlow as an cross-platform app development tool and how it builds the next generation digital experience, while enabling faster go-to-market on applications.

Gain enterprise level deployment Architecture easily with GCP FlutterFlow

As businesses gain considerable ground in the digital world, complex application building, such as e-commerce application development, has to be engaging. But as the digital landscape evolves, there’s an increasing demand for people who can build applications and digital products built with next generation digital experience including cross-platform app development. This is where a productivity platform for app development such as FlutterFlow comes in. 

FlutterFlow – The cross-platform app development platform 

What you see is what you code

FlutterFlow is a cross-platform app development service that provides a web-based application development environment to visually develop multilingual native iOS, Android, Web and desktop applications for both internal and external use cases. The platform supports a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows anyone to develop mobile apps. It even allows non-technical users to contribute in building functional & engaging mobile apps. It is one of the fastest ways to build mobile apps and it makes it easy to implement technologies like push notifications, geolocation, camera, messaging and more. 

FlutterFlow helps to –

  • Build apps across 6 platforms
  • Get your app to market faster than ever before
  • Save cost and improve maintainability
  • Access to a rapidly growing developer community
  • Integrate any data source
  • Create custom views and workflows

Customers place maximum value on user experience. FlutterFlow lets enterprises unlock their ‘below the glass’ investments and build compelling customer experiences faster than ever. With FlutterFlow, any non-technical business person or marketer can quickly and easily build custom, enterprise-grade apps with its drag-and-drop app builder interface. The platform accelerates the marketer’s ability to achieve the desired marketing outcomes, by automating the delivery of creative and messaging to their target audience, and automating the entire app development lifecycle. Niveus, as a Google Cloud Partner is helping organizations to build next generation digital experiences with FlutterFlow. 

Benefits of cross-platform app development  

FlutterFlow helps to visually develop multilingual native iOS, Android, Web and desktop applications for both internal and external use cases, using Flutter and Google Cloud. The platform allows businesses to develop applications that are capable of being deployed across different environments. It is one of the most widely-used and fastest-growing cross platform application development services in the world. FlutterFlow exists to lower the technical barrier, through the mind-machine continuum, so that creativity can flow freely in the digital world and innovative business ideas can easily come to life! Businesses can –

  • Visually develop the application UI and logic & do so collaboratively. 
  • Leverage enterprise design language, and custom icons & fonts. 
  • Access a wide library of widgets & themes to implement pixel perfect customer experience for any screen! 
  • Extend the platform to accommodate your unique use-cases with custom widgets, functions and actions.
  • Easily connect with Firebase for NoOps webscale MBaaS 

The platform’s no-code integration with APIs allows businesses to connect with public and private APIs. They can gain surface backend capabilities without writing code. It allows businesses to build repeatable custom logic blocks through custom actions. 

Flutter & Dart – How it works 

Dart is a new open source programming language developed by Google that is built for the applications of the post DOM (Document Object Model) era. It supports sound null safety, type safety and several tooling such as incremental recompilation making it best suited for modern enterprise applications. Dart allows developers to build rich, secure and high performance applications for all six major platforms from a single codebase. 

Dart’s compiler technology lets you run code in different ways:

  • Native platform: For apps targeting mobile and desktop devices, Dart includes both a Dart VM with Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation and an Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compiler for producing machine code.
  • Web platform: For apps targeting the web, Dart includes both a development time compiler (dartdevc) and a production time compiler (dart2js). Both compilers translate Dart into JavaScript.

So, if you’re looking to build digital products faster and smarter, FlutterFlow is the perfect platform for marketers and designers looking to build applications faster while imbibing new digital experiences. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business.

build digital products faster and smarter with FlutterFlow

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