Fintech Mobile App Development For Investment Management Company

Case Study


The Client

The client is an investment management company headquartered in Mumbai, with the purpose of making wealth creation accessible by being trustworthy and transparent capital allocators. The company’s quantitative frameworks and experienced investment team allow its clients to capture the benefits of long term compounding and deliver superior returns

Project Objective: Fintech Mobile App Development

Business Value: The client wanted a digital platform for their investors to facilitate easy and real-time portfolio monitoring & planning.

Niveus Solutions helped in aligning their content in a better & faster way. The app developed by Niveus functions as a financial advisory content platform that integrates with blog articles and on demand videos to be made available to the registered investors. It also involves integrations with salesforce, wealth spectrum, AI-driven marketing platform and Mobile Endpoint Security.


Business Solution

  • Setting up of environments for development, testing and production of the application is done by Niveus on Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • The application is integrated with Crafter CMS & AI-driven marketing platform and Mobile Endpoint Security


  • Application is hosted on the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to ensure that the application supports auto scaling, auto upgrades and repairs
  • This application involves integrations with Salesforce system, Wealth Spectrum Database, AI-driven marketing platform and Mobile Endpoint Security
  • Cloud Armor is used to protect the Google Cloud deployments from multiple types of threats like DDOS and web attacks
  • Content Management Service (CMS) is used for managing the content in the application and hosted on the same Kubernetes Cluster
  • Static contents of the application will be stored in Google Cloud Storage and served via  Google Cloud CDN using the Cloud Load Balancer
  • Cloud Security Command Center for visibility and Cloud Web Security Scanner for identifying security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure

Technology Stack

Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud load balancing
Cloud Storage
Cloud SQL
Firebase Authentication

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